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‘Psychic’ Sylvia Brown dies; Spiritual abuse; Scientology …

Religion News Blog A french bishop has acknowledged the issue of spiritual abuse in religious communities. Also: the Scientology cult has removed an illegal sign from a temporary building, but makes no promises.

Self-proclaimed psychic Sylvia Brown, who notoriously claimed Amanda Berry was dead, has died.

Plus: Saudi Arabia’s religious police demonstrate the effects of religious insanity. [Read more...]

Bad Holy Water * Kabbalah Centre Guru dead * Pope Benedict Sentenced

Religion News Blog You may not realize this, but at a court hearing held last fall Pope Benedict XVI stood trial, in absentia, for crimes against humanity. Nutty details inside.

Philip Berg, the controversial guru of the equally controversial Kabbalah Centre, has died.

Consumer alert: holy water may be very bad for you.

[Read more...]

Cult leader Warren Jeffs prophecies famine by mob rule

Warren Jeffs It appears that imprisoned cult leader Warren Jeffs is using his life sentence to sharpen his creative writing skills.

For the fourth time this year he has issued a set of revelations which he represents as coming directly from Jesus Christ. [Read more...]

Imprisoned cult leader comes up with new doomsday revelations

cult leader Warren Jeffs Imprisoned polygamous sect leader Warren Jeffs has released a series of so-called revelations in which he says a succession of natural disasters will strike the U.S.

In one of the five separate “revelations,” Jeffs writes that Jesus Christ will make his coming known with a “great tsunami of the sea” on the East Coast; earthquakes and volcanoes in “populated places” in Utah and Arizona; a tidal wave in Seattle; and melting in Idaho “to cleanse my land of all evil.” [Read more...]

Florida pastor Terry Jones’s Koran burning has far-reaching effect

Un-Christian behavior on the part of an attention-seeking ‘pastor’ and his 30-person fringe church in Gainsville, Florida, has led Muslim extremists in Afghanistan to savagely murder innocent people.

Terry Jones, the 58-year-old pastor of the Dove World Outreach Center, presided over what he called an “International Judge the Koran Day” on March 20, in which he supervised the burning of Islam’s holy book in front of some 50 people. [Read more...]

UK bars U.S. pastor who threatened to burn Koran

Florida Pastor Terry Jones, whose threat to burn Islam’s holy book on the anniversary of the September 11 attacks last year provoked widespread condemnation, has been banned from visiting Britain, Reuters reports. [Read more...]