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Religion News You Might Have Missed This Week

Bible Belt Why are rich pastors not speaking up for the Obamacare ‘coverage gap’ poor in America’s Bible Belt states?

Also: Billy Graham’s final message to America (and the world). Catholic bloggers won’t be able to use the .catholic domain. name. And Christian rocker Marc Martel sounds just like Freddie Mercury.

Plus: a pastor goes on trial for officiating his gay son’s wedding. [Read more...]

Hijab Outcry * Interfaith Movement’s Status * Pastor or Cop?

Religion News Blog An arrest warrant has been issued for Matt Pitt — pastor of one of America’s most popular youth ministries — for impersonating a police officer. Also: A look at the state of America’s interfaith movement.

Here’s why non-Muslim women in Sweden are donning headscarves. And how do you forgive a crime like murder? [Read more...]

Apple Religion * Meditating Goes Mainstream * Jehovah’s Witnesses “New Light”

Apple religion The doctrines of Jehovah’s Witnesses keep changing — in what the organization claims to be “new light.”

Narconon, a ‘drug rehab’ based on the quackery of Scientology cult founder (and fantasist) L. Ron Hubbard, has lost its Oklahoma state license.

You attended a Rick Ross concert? You’re fired!!! [Read more...]

Sinead’s Gospel * Reza Aslan’s credentials * Scientology slammed

Reza Aslan Muslim author Reza Aslan misrepresents his scholarly credentials.

Sinead O’Connor’s unusual Gospel Music concert.

And the Scientology gang is unable to keep Leah Remini from thinking for herself [Read more...]

‘Living God’ near death * Doubting Mormons * Evangelical Playboy cover

Religion News Blog Many Mormons who discover information about their church’s teachings online end up leaving the Mormon Church.

A trip to Dubai, where Islamic Law rules, can be like a visit to the Dark Ages.

And.. is it possible to be an Evangelical Christian and yet appear on the cover of Playboy? [Read more...]