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Bible Belt
Why are rich pastors not speaking up for the Obamacare ‘coverage gap’ poor in America’s Bible Belt states?

Also: Billy Graham’s final message to America (and the world). Catholic bloggers won’t be able to use the .catholic domain. name. And Christian rocker Marc Martel sounds just like Freddie Mercury.

Plus: a pastor goes on trial for officiating his gay son’s wedding.

Hijab Outcry * Interfaith Movement’s Status * Pastor or Cop?

Religion News Blog
An arrest warrant has been issued for Matt Pitt — pastor of one of America’s most popular youth ministries — for impersonating a police officer. Also: A look at the state of America’s interfaith movement.

Here’s why non-Muslim women in Sweden are donning headscarves. And how do you forgive a crime like murder?

Space Alien Cults * Evolution Lawsuit * Religious Twilight Zone

An Arizona religious family in search of a nation that does not interfere in religion finds the Twilight Zone. The rehabilitation of the Swastika. And where to get an immersion course in “anti-Americanism and Islam.”

Apple Religion * Meditating Goes Mainstream * Jehovah’s Witnesses “New Light”

Apple religion
The doctrines of Jehovah’s Witnesses keep changing — in what the organization claims to be “new light.”

Narconon, a ‘drug rehab’ based on the quackery of Scientology cult founder (and fantasist) L. Ron Hubbard, has lost its Oklahoma state license.

You attended a Rick Ross concert? You’re fired!!!

Jenna Presley * Neo-Nazis * Buddhist Extremists

Religion News Blog
Chinese house church leader Samuel Lamb, persecuted for his faith, dies.

Former porn star Jenna Presley, now a Christian, joins XXXChurch. And punk rockers are speaking out against Buddhism’s neo-Nazis.

Sinead’s Gospel * Reza Aslan’s credentials * Scientology slammed

Reza Aslan
Muslim author Reza Aslan misrepresents his scholarly credentials.

Sinead O’Connor’s unusual Gospel Music concert.

And the Scientology gang is unable to keep Leah Remini from thinking for herself

‘Living God’ near death * Doubting Mormons * Evangelical Playboy cover

Religion News Blog
Many Mormons who discover information about their church’s teachings online end up leaving the Mormon Church.

A trip to Dubai, where Islamic Law rules, can be like a visit to the Dark Ages.

And.. is it possible to be an Evangelical Christian and yet appear on the cover of Playboy?

Scientology worship * Twitter Your Way to Paradise * Islamophobia

Can services at Scientology centers be considered worship?

Can you twitter your way to paradise?

Is it intolerant to object to an intolerant religion?

In-Game Religions * Solomon’s Temple * ‘Religion Makeover

Religion News Blog
In today’s edition: a look at religions and cults in 41 fantasy games. Quick: give me another word for ‘religion.’ ‘

And guess where Solomon’s Temple is located.

Convert Isolation * Cult Slugs * Burqa Ban

Chile seeks to extradite a leader of the notorious Colonia Dignidad cult from Germany.

Ramadan can be a lonely time for Muslim converts.

Plane crash leads to questions about Christian summer school.

Also: dangerous giant snails, and their connection to a religious cult.

Third temple? * Church for Atheists * LGBT Rights and Religion

Religion News Blog
Find out much religious groups have shifted toward supporting LGBT rights since 2003.

Also: learn about a church where God doesn’t attend. Then there’s a guy who puts the fear of God into many atheists.

And for millions of people around the world, the end came a little closer last week.

Peter Moses sentenced * Aum cult trial * Faith healers lose appeal

Cult leader Peter Moses has been sentenced in the murders of a 4-year-old boy and a 28-year-old woman.

Jailed former members of the Aum Shinrikyo cult can testify in open court against another Aum cult follower. And the parents of a girl who died when they prayed for her healing rather than provide medical care have lots their appeal again their sentence.

Benny Hinn heckled * Cult, sect or religion? * Whore of Babylon

Benny Hinn
Yoga is a religious practice, but not the way this school presents it. Also: A heckler was video taped giving Benny ‘send-me-your-money-so-God-can-bless-you’ Hinn an ear full.

The European Union says you cannot have a religion or a belief that is free from criticism or ridicule.

That’s good news for Seventh-day Adventists, who believe that Christians who worship on Sunday are “daughters of the Whore of Babylon” and carry the mark of the beast.

And then there’s yet another look at Mormonism: religion, sect, or cult?

Scientology vs. Google * Pastor bilks woman * Christian Pagans?

Are many self-described Christians in fact Pagan?

Representatives of the Church of Scientology reportedly asked Google to show only nice links whenever people search for ‘Scientology.’

Also: a pastor bilks a woman with dementia. And a church is ordered to pay $3.6 million to a woman assaulted by its former pastor.

Buddhist Terrorism * Gay Rights * Spirityouall * Sect Members Guilty

Myanmar’s Buddhist 969 movement has been referred to as “neo-Nazi” — and not without reason. Four members of a Belgian sect have been found guilty in the death of a former follower.

Also: Bobby McFerrin talks about his new album, spirityouall — and you can listen to some of the songs here. Plus: members of the Westboro hate group that pretends to be a church are freaking out (more than usual).

Pastor’s lawsuit against ‘Rain God’ license plate approved

A pastor’s lawsuit against the state of Oklahoma over its ‘Rain God’ license plate can proceed, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver has ruled.

The court said that Keith Cressman’s suite contains a “plausible compelled speech claim.”

Affinity fraud, Rabbinical courts, Abused Missionary kids, More…

Among the topics in today’s Religion News Briefs: Affinity Fraud (and how you can protect yourself against it). Missionary Kids speak out about abuses they have suffered. And we meet a woman who lost her religion — and subsequently her childen. She is now battling a rabbinical court to regain custody.

Plus: 50 years after the U.S. Supreme Court banned prayer in school religion can be found everywhere in public school environments.

Multi-Cultural Church; Cult leader loses properties; Prosperity Church less prosperous

Religion News Blog
Cult leader Tony Alamo, imprisoned for taking girl as young as nine as his ‘brides’ will lose many of his properties in order to satisfy restitution judgments against him.

is eleven o’clock on Sunday morning still Christian America’s most segregated hour? Not at these churches…

Plus: more religion news items

Group that monitors anti-Muslim attacks loses UK Government funding

Tell Mama
An organization that reports on anti-Muslim attacks in the UK has lost government funding over concerns about the accuracy of its data.

An alleged Muslim terrorist in Canada wants to be judge according to the Quran, instead of Canada’s criminal code.

Plus: A Rastafarian inmate in Virginia has relented to the prison’s grooming policy — after 10 years in segregation.
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