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Cult leader gets 50 years in child’s death

One Mind Ministries Three cult members have been sentenced for the death of a toddler starved for not saying “Amen” after meals.

Authorities say they manipulated 23-year-old Ria Ramkissoon, who believed her baby would be resurrected through the dead through prayer. When that didn’t happen one member stuffed the body in a suit cases and left it in a storage shed in Philadelphia. [Read more...]

Woman who starved son in 1 Mind Ministries cult gets suspended sentence, probation

One Mind Ministries A woman who starved her 1-year-old son to death at the behest of a the leader of a religious group has been given a suspended sentence and probation.

Ria Ramkissoon was a member of 1 Mind Ministries but in a plea agreement she testified against the cult’s leader. [Read more...]

1 Mind Ministries: closing arguments expected in trial of reputed cult members

One Mind Ministries Closing arguments are expected today in the Baltimore trial of three members of an alleged cult — the now defunct 1 Mind Ministries — who are accused of starving a toddler to death because he didn’t pray properly.

The defendants, who are representing themselves, rested their cases within minutes Monday without calling any witnesses. [Read more...]

Mother says she agreed to starve son to rid him of demonic spirit

One Mind Ministries The mother of a dead child testified Wednesday that she agreed to starve her toddler son, who refused to say “amen,” to rid him of a demonic spirit that was potentially placed there when her own mother offered the boy up to the devil.

She still believes God will resurrect her son. [Read more...]

Prosecutors: Boy starved to death at cult’s hands

One Mind Ministries The leader of a religious cult was “outraged” when a 1-year-old boy did not say “Amen” before a meal and ordered her followers to deprive him of food and water until he died, a Baltimore prosecutor told jurors Monday.

Three members of the now-defunct cult known as 1 Mind Ministries are on trial for murder in the death of Javon Thompson [Read more...]

Trial near in cult starvation death

One Mind Ministries Queen Antoinette – aka Toni Sloan or Toni Ellsberry – sat at a defense table Tuesday and grimaced every time she heard a statement she didn’t like, particularly those containing the words “cult” or “commune.”

Her actions irked Assistant Public Defender Maureen Rowland, representing one of Antoinette’s co-defendants in a bizarre homicide case that involves the alleged starvation death of a toddler. [Read more...]