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This is our archive of news items tagged Narconon.

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Monday March 17, 2014
Religion News Briefs:
Jailed FLDS cult leader Warren Jeffs is hospitalized. A mother convicted together with her husband for the faith healing death of their young son starts her prison sentence.

Also: Fred Phelps, the founder the Westboro Baptist Church is near death (and was reportedly excommunicated from the hate group).

Plus: Pilgrims are drawn to a glowing Virgin Mary statue . And more….

Thursday September 26, 2013
Religion News Briefs:
Benny Hinn and his traveling money machine were in Pittsburgh. Here’s why you shouldn’t fall for the scheme.

Scientology and money also go hand in hand. By why exactly did they buy that building?

Speaking of Scientology: Like the cult itself , Narconon, a drug rehab organization that uses treatments based on L. Ron Hubbard’s quackery is sinking deeper into problems.

Tuesday September 10, 2013
Religion News Briefs:
The sadistic leader of a small cult based in Jerusalem has been found guilty of a range of crimes, including physically-, mentally-, and sexually abusing six women and dozens of children.

Micah Moore’s trial in the death of Bethany Deaton is scheduled for next March.

The Prosperity Gospel Scam finds lots of hopeful believers.

And more trouble for Narconon of Georgia.

Tuesday August 27, 2013
Religion News Briefs:
Among today’s religion news briefs: a Canadian community tries to keep Scientology’s Narconon quacks from establishing a ‘drug rehab’ center.

A judge rules that a Jehovah’s Witness can be given blood if necessary.

Cult expert Steve Hassan talks with a representative of the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking, and with a survivor.

And read this before you donate clothes to Planet Aid.

Friday August 9, 2013
Religion News Briefs:
The doctrines of Jehovah’s Witnesses keep changing — in what the organization claims to be “new light.”

Narconon, a ‘drug rehab’ based on the quackery of Scientology cult founder (and fantasist) L. Ron Hubbard, has lost its Oklahoma state license.

You attended a Rick Ross concert? You’re fired!!!

Tuesday June 25, 2013
NarcononRNB's Religion News BlogScientology:
Narconon Netherlands, part of the Scientology front group Narconon International, has been placed under enhanced supervision by the Health Care Inspectorate — a Dutch government agency — in the belief that the safety of Narconon’s patients is in question.

IGZ says the enhanced supervision is necessary in order to insure that Narconon will observe certain agreements.

Thursday May 9, 2013
Religion News Briefs:
Jediism is losing followers in Canada, according to the latest census. Also: the arrival of religious immigrants has worked to offset the country’s growing secular population.

Scientology troubled front group Narconon now has the Oklahoma government looking over its shoulders.

Also: Vactican official says worshipping Santa Maria is blasphemy.

Saturday April 6, 2013
NarcononRNB's Religion News BlogScientology:
In today’s Religion News Briefs, find out why an outfit that calls itself ‘Friends of Narconon’ is misusing the name of one of a former Narconon, Lucas Catton, in classic Scientology-on-the-attack fashion.

The Scientology front groups finds itself under increasing scrutiny and legal pressure.

Friday April 5, 2013
Religion News Briefs:
Two former Narconon executives will expose the Scientology front group to daylight in a broadcast on NBC’s Rock Center.

Also: a panel of cult experts looks at the question, Are Cults a Hidden Epidemic?

Saturday March 23, 2013
Religion News Briefs:
Three men who were sentenced to death for their part in the Aum Shinrikyo cult’s 1995 Sarin nerve gas attack on the Tokyo subway may be called to testify in the trial of fellow cult member Makoto Hirata.

Hirata faces trial for the fatal abduction and confinement of a notary clerk.

Also: ‘Hot Yoga’ guru Bikram Choudhury faces a sexual harassment lawsuit. Plus, more trouble for Narconon Arrowhead: Lawsuits allege its counselors traded sex for drugs.

Plus: Citizens of a polygamous cult’s town are being watched by surveillance cameras.

Wednesday March 20, 2013
NarcononQuackeryRNB's Religion News BlogScientology:
Parents in Asher, Oklahoma are concerned about the fact that controversial Scientology front group Narconon made a presentation — and handed out literature — at a local school.

Narconon Arrowhead currently is the target of three wrongful death lawsuits. Last week, Gary Smith, the chief executive officer of Narconon Arrowhead, and several of the center’s employees had their drug counseling certifications revoked.

Monday March 11, 2013
Religion News Briefs:
Gary Smith, the chief executive officer of Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma, and several of the drug and alcohol rehabilitation center's employees have had their drug counseling certifications revoked.

Wednesday February 27, 2013
Religion News Briefs:

Religious intolerance is growing in Indonesia

Tuesday February 5, 2013
Religion News Briefs:
The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that that France infringed the religious freedom of two religious sects and an evangelical church when it taxed their donations.

The State of Georgia is investigating Scientology front-group Narconon for insurance fraud. Plus: a waitress gets fired over posting a receipt documenting how a ‘pastor’ stiffed one of her colleagues.

Also inside: God and game fixing, Calvary Chapel, and more about the Mexican ‘slavery cult’ that calls itself “Defensores de Cristo” (Defenders of Christ)

Thursday January 31, 2013
Religion News Briefs:
‘Psychic’ James van Praagh is concerned that the public will be confused and deceived (but not in the way you might think).

A court has rules that the polygamous cult known as the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS) cannot intervene in the way the State of Utah runs the sect’s property trust.

And Narconon of Georgia, a Scientology front group, is being investigated for insurance fraud.

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