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Religion News: 5 Mormon Church Stories You Should Read

Mormon Church If you follow religion news you can spend countless hours each day just trying to keep up with stories that involve Mormonism and the Mormon Church.

From among the ones we have read we’ve selected just five stories we think you might want to read. [Read more...]

Anne Frank posthumously baptized in Mormon ritual

Anne Frank Mormons operating independently of the Mormon Church — and in direct contradiction to the church’s edicts on the subject — have posthumously baptized Anne Frank in a Mormon ritual referred to as ‘Baptism for the Dead.’

In response the LDS Church has issued its strongest response yet to the violation of its agreement not to do proxy baptisms for Holocaust victims who are not related to a church member. [Read more...]

Poll: Three in four pastors say Mormons are not Christians

Mormonism Most pastors feel strongly that Mormons are not Christians, according to a survey by LifeWay Research.

Three out of four pastors surveyed by Southern Baptist-affiliated LifeWay Research said they disagreed with the statement that Mormons are Christians. [Read more...]

Romney responds to Mormon ‘cult’ comment

Mormon Church Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney Saturday sought to calm the religious divisions that surfaced at the influential Values Voters Summit during his second bid to become the first member of the Church of Latter Day Saints to win the presidency.

Romney addressed the issue a day after Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress dubbed Mormonism a “cult” following his endorsement of Texas Gov. Rick Perry at the gathering and moments before Bryan Fischer, of the American Family Association, said that Romney’s faith was “outside the mainstream of historic Christian orthodoxy.” [Read more...]

Area near Humansville, Missouri is home to Mormon fundamentalists

Book of Mormon A community of up to 500 Mormon fundamentalists make their home in an area near Humansville, Missouri.

A pair of Humansville twins say they lived in that community for nearly 10 years before leaving the man they both married. The 27-year-old women told Cedar County authorities in February they were victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault at the hands of the husband they shared. [Read more...]

Polygamists believe they’re following tenet of the faith, B.C. court hears

Residents of a fundamentalist Mormon sect in the small British Columbia commune of Bountiful believe they are adhering to the original word of the religion’s prophet, says a former plural wife and advocate of polygamy [Read more...]