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Mormon Purge * Scary Scientology * No More Hijab

nolds Among the items in this issue of Religion News Briefs: Criticizing the Mormon Church can get you excommunicated. Leaving the destructive Scientology cult is scary (and wise).

Also: After three decades of debate on homosexuality, the Presbyterian Church has changed its definition of marriage. Plus: the Ex-Hijabi Fashion Photo Blog. [Read more...]

Black Magic, Religious Exemptions, Religious Insanity, and more…

gri gri necklace Today in 1997 police in Southern California discovered the bodies of 39 people — who had committed suicide in order to board a UFO they believed would take them to heaven.

Black magic is firmly ingrained in some African belief systems. We’ll tell you what gri-gris are used for.

Then there is an illustration of religious insanity provided by a preacher who thinks he is an apostle.

Plus: get up to speed on the religious exemption case the US Supreme Court is grappling with. [Read more...]

Mormon head ordered to appear in court over ‘fraudulent’ doctrines

Mormon_president Inside this issue of Religion News Briefs: items on Scientology, the International Cultic Studies Association, the Plymouth Brethren (which you know as the Exclusive Brethren), and more.Also: the Book of Mormon vs DNA. And Saudi Arabia’s religious police. As always we include a modicum of opinion, as well as links to research resources. [Read more...]

‘Living God’ near death * Doubting Mormons * Evangelical Playboy cover

Religion News Blog Many Mormons who discover information about their church’s teachings online end up leaving the Mormon Church.

A trip to Dubai, where Islamic Law rules, can be like a visit to the Dark Ages.

And.. is it possible to be an Evangelical Christian and yet appear on the cover of Playboy? [Read more...]

Mormons tweak Scriptures, again

Mormon Changes As it has done throughout its history, the Mormon Church has again adapted its Scriptures.

Although this time around the changes introduced affect for the most part chapter headings, study helps and historical descriptions — those changes are significant — and, as one observer notes, “carry the unmistakable imprimatur of authority.” [Read more...]

Facing questionable membership figures, Mormon Church adds missionaries

Mormon Church The Mormon Church has lowered the age limit for its full-time missionaries to 18 for men, and 19 for women.

In the face of poor retention rates and questionable membership figures, the church is counting on this change to dramatically increase the ranks of its full-time missionary force. [Read more...]

Come to church and donate your money: we’re buying a mall

god and money Among the items in today’s edition of Religion News Briefs: ‘Come to church and give us your money: We’re buying a mall.’

Plus: the Muslim cleric at the foreground of the campaign to prosecute a young Pakistani girl accused of blasphemy may have planted the evidence — burned pages from the Koran — himself.

From the religion beat: the popular Faith & Reason column at USA TODAY is closing down. [Read more...]