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Jury finds ‘Sound Doctrine’ pastor guilty of sex crimes against child

John Fraser, assistant pastor of Sound Doctrine Church, charged with child rape. Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene are alive and well, and living in Australia. (Yes, that’s an item from the ‘religious insanity’ files).

The founder and co-director of an eating disorders treatment center has stepped down after four women have accused him of brainwashing them into believing they were involved in satanic cults.

And and anti-cult organization takes Denmark to task for allowing the destructive Scientology cult to have its European HQ there. [Read more...]

Bail revoked for parents charged in son’s faith healing death

Herbert and Catherine Schaible The parents charged with murder in the faith healing death of the 8-month old son have had their bail revoked. They face 40+ years in prison..

And jury deliberations in the trial of Malcolm John Fraser, assistant pastor of the Sound Doctrine Church in Enumclaw, Washington, may begin Tuesday. [Read more...]

Micah Moore indicted in Bethany Deaton murder

micah_moore_2 In this edition of Religion News Briefs: Micah Moore is indicted for first-degree murder in the killing of Bethany Deaton. He is free on a $250,000 cash bond, and his next scheduled hearing is January 17.

The trial of Malcolm Fraser has been moved to January 16. Fraser is the assistant pastor of the contrversial ‘Sound Doctrine Church’ in Enumclaw, Washington.

Plus: a study by the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life concludes that worldwide more than eight-in-ten people identify with a religious group — while one-in-six people have no religious affiliation. [Read more...]

Sound Doctrine Church pastor enters not guilty plea in rape charges

Malcolm Fraser The assistant pastor of Sound Doctrine Church in Enumclaw, Washington, charged with two counts of first-degree rape of a child, has plead not guilty to both counts.

Malcolm Fraser was arrested last month after the alleged victim, who is now 17, made a report to police. [Read more...]

Pastor of Sound Doctrine Church charged with first-degree rape of a child

Malcolm John Fraser Malcolm John Fraser, the assistant pastor of Sound Doctrine Church in Enumclaw, Washington, was formally charged with first-degree rape of a child.

In 2009 the church was in the news in relation to a custody ruling involving a female member of the church, friends and family members of who describes Sound Doctrine Church as a ‘cult.’ [Read more...]