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Jury finds ‘Sound Doctrine’ pastor guilty of sex crimes against child

Also inside: Director of treatment center steps down after brainwashing allegations Anti-cult conference takes on Scientology Religious nut claims to be Jesus Christ Cult leader Warren Jeffs says Mount Olympus will fall on Salt Lake City Pastor reportedly sends ‘goblins’ to former member of his church.

Sound Doctrine Church pastor convicted

A jury in Enumclaw, Washington, has found Malcolm John Fraser — a pastor at Sound Doctrine Church — guilty of sex crimes committed against a young girl.

The Enumclaw Courier-Herald says

Fraser had been charged with two counts of first-degree child rape and two counts of first-degree molestation. The case involved a girl who was 11 when the  incidents took place; she is now 18. The incidents occurred in the girl’s home, while Fraser was living with her family.

The jury found Fraser guilty on all counts.

He was taken into custody immediately after the verdict was read.

A sentencing date had not yet been set.

Fraser is facing 20 to 25 years in prison, as well as a possible fine of $50,000.

Theologically Sound Doctrine Church is a cult of Christianity.

Sociologically there are concerns about the group as well.

Castlewood Treatment Center director steps down

A psychologist sued by four women for allegedly brainwashing them at a treatment center for eating disorders has stepped down from his position as the center’s director.

Since 2011, four women have filed separate lawsuits against the treatment center and psychologist Mark Schwartz.

The women allege that Schwartz brainwashed them into believing they were members of satanic cults.

They also claim Schwartz implanted them with false memories of sexual abuse.

Schwartz, who founded the inpatient Castlewood Treatment Center in St. Louis, MO, twelve years ago, is scheduled to give a deposition in late July.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch a spokesman for Castlewood has called the claims “spurious” and has said the center will “defend this case vigorously.”

The lawsuits: Case 1, Case 2, Case 3, Case 4
Research resources on brainwashing

Anti-Cult organization holds conference in Scientology’s European backyard

European anti-cult organization FECRIS has held a conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The city is home to the European headquarters of the destructive Scientology cult.

FECRIS is an umbrella organisation for European family support groups whose members help the families and friends of cult members.

FECRIS president Tom Sackville told The Copenhagen Post that few European governments had enacted legislation to protect citizens from controlling groups that call themselves religions.

“These organisations wreck lives to an extent that normally would lead governments to take some action,” Sackville said. “But by posing as religions, they succeed in convincing civil servants and politicians to back off and fail to take a principled stand.”

Sackville was particularly critical of the Danish government for allowing the Church of Scientology, which was started by the science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard in 1952, to establish its European headquarters in Copenhagen.

The organisation is known for its controversial practices that include urging its members to “disconnect” from friends and family who are not members.

Copenhagen is also the location for Scientology’s Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) where members that have deviated from the cult’s teachings are sent. Critics allege that the RPF functions as a labor camp and private prison.

The cult has several of these camps around the world.

Former IT Specialist Claims To Be Jesus Reborn

From our ‘Religious Insanity’ files: Former IT specialist Alan John Miller heads a religious cult named ‘Divine Truth‘ from Wilkesdale, near the small town of Kingaroy in the state of Queensland, Australia.

He wants people to believe that he is Jesus Christ.

Moreover, his partner, Mary Suzanne Luck, is supposed to be Mary Magdalene.

Miller told Sky News

“I have very clear memories of the crucifixion, but it wasn’t as harrowing for me as it was for others like Mary who was present.

“When you are one with God you are not in a state of fear, and you have quite good control over your body’s sensations and the level of pain that you absorb from your body.”

The networks says the whilst critics dismiss his claims, Miller’s seminars attract large groups of people, up to 150 a time.

Cult experts in Australia and beyond are concerned, as some of Miller’s followers reportedly have given up careers and families in order to join the religious nut.

Do we even need to point out that Miller’s group is, theologically, a cult of Christianity?

Here’s a June, 2012 documentary on the group:

One buyer beware regarding this video: If you ever need a cult expert, make sure you check this information first.

‘Mount Olympus to fall on Salt Lake City’

Cult leader Warren Jeffs continues to use his prison sentence to sharpen his creative writing skills.

Jeffs heads the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS), which is theologically a cult of Mormonism.

In August, 2011, he was sentenced to life in prison for sexually assaulting two underage followers he took as brides in what his church deemed “spiritual marriages.”

Ever since, the cult leader — who even from behind prison bars continues to rule the polygamous cult with an iron fist — has sent out a series of silly ‘revelations’ and ‘prophecies,’ which he claims were given to him by ‘Jesus Christ, Jehovah Son Ahman.’

‘Son Ahman’ is one of the names of the Mormon version of Jesus Christ.

Most of the alleged revelations amount to doomsday predictions and other warning of dire consequences should Jeffs not be released from prison.

Jeffs’ most recent bit of nonsense includes the threat, “I shall cause Mount Olympus to fall on Salt Lake City.”

His previous predictions included the destruction of Phoenix, an East Coast tidal wave, the destruction of Idaho by fire, an earthquake and tidal wave in Seattle, the destruction of Cincinnati, and damage to the U.S. electrical system.

Prophet sends goblins…

Who says the religion beat isn’t interesting enough?

A woman in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, claims that her former pastor — upset with her for leaving his church for another one — is sending her goblins which steal her g-string panties and whisper insults.

Prophet sends goblins

Bail revoked for parents charged in son’s faith healing death

Herbert and Catherine Schaible, charged with third-degree murder in the faith healing death of their 8-month old son, are in custody at least until a bail hearing later on today.

Update: The Schaibles have had their bail revoked.

Philadelphia’s NBC 10 reports

Common Pleas Judge Benjamin Lerner ordered them held without bail.

He says they’re a flight risk because there could be a community of like-minded people around the world who might harbor them.

The couple turned themselves in on Wednesday. Originally they were held without bail, but after the defense objected, at 2:00 am on Thursday a judge set bail was set at $250,000.

According to the Associated Press defense lawyer Bobby Hoof

will ask a judge Friday to lower the bail, noting that the Schaibles are “of humble means” and have never missed a court date. He said his client was expecting to be charged after Brandon’s death and surrendered willingly.

“He’s not this monster that people are trying to paint him out to be,” Hoof said Thursday.

Catherine Schaible’s public defender, Mythri Jayaraman, has said Brandon saw a doctor at least once for a checkup when he was 10 days old.

“She’s still dealing with a tremendous amount of grief,” Jayaraman said this week.

On Friday the Philadelphia Inquirer said the DA’s office will also ask the judge to

lodge a detainer against the Schaibles, which would keep the couple jailed until their violation probation is eventually addressed by a court. […]

The third-degree murder in Brandon’s death carries a maximum sentence of 20 to 40 years.

On the probation violation in Kent’s death, the Schaibles potentially face a separate sentence of seven to 14 years.

The couple was still on probation for the negligence death of another child, in January 2009, when their 8-month old son Brandon died last month.

The Schaibles are members of the First Century Gospel Church in Northern Philadelphia — which teaches that “it is a definite sin to trust in medical help and pills” and claims that a person’s salvation depends on trusting God to heal without medical help or medicine.

Defense rests in Enumclaw’s Sound Doctrine pastor Malcolm Fraser trial

The defense in the trial of Malcolm John Fraser, who faces two counts of first-degree rape of a child and two counts of first-degree molestation, rested its case on Wednesday.
John Fraser, assistant pastor of Sound Doctrine Church, charged with child rape.
Closing statements in the near-two-month long trial will be given on Tuesday, May 28, and jury deliberations will likely begin that same day.

Fraser, who entered a not guilty plea in April last year, is an assistant pastor of Sound Doctrine Church in Enumclaw, Washington. Theologically this tiny church is a cult of Christianity. Sociologically there is also cause for concern.

The church, which is quite active on the internet, is known for — among other things — its almost belligerent defensiveness.

But, as the Enumclaw Courier-Herald reiterates, “Neither the church nor the other church members are on trial.”

The paper says Fraser, who also worked at the church-owned WinePress Publishing in Enumclaw, did not take the stand to testify.

Earlier this week church member Kerry Williams, testifying as a witness for the defense, claimed, the church is not a cult.

The Courier-Herald says

She is married to Joshua Williams, a pastor for Sound Doctrine. Kerry Williams said she first met Malcolm Fraser when she was 15 living in Scotland. Kerry Williams said she has known Fraser about 16 years.

She described Sound Doctrine as a small church, a close family group that, “honors God with our lives.”

She said the church has not been able to meet in the past year because “We’ve experienced a hate crime against our church from Athena Dean and articles published in the Courier-Herald.”

Athena Dean is a central figure in the defense case. Dean is a former Sound Doctrine member and former owner of WinePress Publishing. In opening statements Carey characterized Dean as someone who is angry with the church and friends with the young woman’s mother.

The young woman who brought the allegations testified Dean was a friend of her mother, but she had not discussed the case with Dean nor was close with her.

Kerry Williams testified Dean has caused trouble for the church members since she left in 2011.

“She’s turned our lives upside down,” Williams said. “We started getting a lot of people concerned who we were as a church.”

Williams said. “Things Mr. Box put in the paper” has caused the church problems.

Dennis Box is the paper’s editor.