Father of Christian Rock: Musician Larry Norman, 60

“It was the best example of the fusion of faith and rock ‘n’ roll,” says David DiSabatino, a young fan at the time who is working on a documentary about Mr. Norman. “He was the icon of the Jesus Movement when you’re talking music. He’s their Bob Dylan character.” [video]

Larry Norman, Christian Rock Legend, Dies

Larry Norman, the man known as “The Father of Christian Rock,” has died.

Split over Scientology, ’60s band ‘People’ reunites for one night

Nearly four decades ago, a folk-rock band called People rocketed up the music charts in the U.S. and abroad with the hit “I Love You” – before youthful tensions over song titles and differences over Scientology tore them apart. The six original band members reunited for one more performance Friday night, when an enthusiastic audience came to see the Summer of Love-era band inducted into San Jose’s Rock Hall of Fame.
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