One Dead as Islamist Mobs in Ethiopia Destroy Church Buildings

Kenya At least one Christian was killed and others injured when thousands of Islamic extremists set fire to 59 churches and at least 28 homes in western Ethiopia in the past five days, Christian leaders said.

More than 4,000 Christians in and around Asendabo, Jimma Zone have been displaced as a result of attacks that began on Wednesday (March 2) after Muslims accused a Christian of desecrating the Quran by tearing up a copy, sources said.

Protesters rally in NY ahead of hearings on radical Islam

Islam USA Religious leaders, community members and activists took to the streets Sunday in New York to protest upcoming congressional hearings, convened by House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Peter King, on “the radicalization of American Muslims.”

But do the hearing have the danger of portraying all Muslims and Islam as the enemy?

Pakistan’s Christian Minister Bhatti Assassinated

Pakistan Gumen have shot and killed Pakistan’s Minister for Minorities Shahbaz Bhatti, a Christian, who publicly challenged the country’s controversial blasphemy laws and demanded more rights for minority Christians in the mainly Islamic nation.

He was the only Christian in the cabinet.

Muslim man arrested following undercover documentary filmed at mosque school

Police have arrested a man concerning alleged assaults on children at a mosque after viewing a Channel 4 documentary screened on Monday.

Indonesian Cleric’s Terror Trial Begins

Indonesia’s best-known radical cleric went on trial Monday on fresh terrorism charges as the predominantly Muslim nation grappled with a jump in religious tensions and violence, the Associated Press reports.

Undercover film shows pupils being beaten and taught hatred in Britain’s Muslim schools

Young Muslims are being taught extremist views in British mosques, an undercover investigation has found.

Indonesia police guard churches amid wave of hate

Indonesian police stood guard outside churches Wednesday after a wave of religious hate crimes swept the mainly Muslim country, shocking civil society and sparking international concern.

Muslim extremists kill members of peaceful Ahmadiyya sect

Muslims extremists have attacked members of an heretical sect, killing three and injuring five others.

Somali Muslim convicted for trying to kill Prophet Mohammed cartoonist

Islamic suicide bombings A Somali man has been found guilty of attempted terrorism for trying to kill a Danish cartoonist whose drawing of the Prophet Mohammed sparked Muslim outrage around the world.

Westergaard drew a cartoon of the Mohammad, considered to be the foremost prophet by Muslims, wearing a turban shaped as a bomb with a burning fuse.

Free Pakistani teen jailed for blasphemy, Human Rights Watch says

Pakistan must immediately drop blasphemy charges against a teenager and let him out of jail, Human Rights Watch said.

Jihadists Promote Theft to Fund War on West

Followers of one of the fastest-growing radical Muslim terror groups are being told to steal, embezzle and seize property – especially from Americans – in order to finance their jihad.

Somali Mother of Four Slaughtered for her Faith

Islam A mother of four was killed for her Christian faith on Jan. 7 on the outskirts of Mogadishu, Somalia by Islamic extremists from al Shabaab militia, a relative said.

Al Shabaab insurgents control much of southern and central Somalia and have embarked on a campaign to rid the country of its hidden Christian population.

Somali women say Islamists becoming more draconian

Women living in areas controlled by Somalia’s Islamists say they are increasingly the target of more draconian rules meted out by the rebels bent on enforcing their ideologies, Reuters reports.

Life in jail for two Pakistani Muslim Blasphemers

A court in Pakistan has sentenced a Muslim prayer leader and his son to life in jail for blasphemy.

A good man who did something

Salman Taseer’s death provides a parable of why Pakistan, which promised so much, has slipped so far.

Thousands of Muslims rally over blasphemy law in Pakistan

More than 50,000 people rallied in Pakistan’s southern city of Karachi on Sunday, police said, against the controversial reform of a blasphemy law that was behind the killing of a senior politician.

Police Arrest 5 Muslims in Danish Terror Plot

Muslim terrorism A group of men arrested in Denmark on Wednesday were about to mount a “Mumbai style” attack on the Danish newspaper that ignited Muslim fury around the world by publishing satirical cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in 2005, the head of the Danish Security and Intelligence Service said.

The men had been under surveillance for months, and were among 200 radicals identified in a recent Swedish intelligence report, according to intelligence sources in Scandinavia.

Muslim ‘Radicalization’ Is Focus of Planned Congressional Inquiry

The Republican who will head the House committee that oversees domestic security is planning to open a Congressional inquiry into what he calls “the radicalization” of the Muslim community when his party takes over the House next year.

Representative Peter T. King of New York, who will become the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said he was responding to what he has described as frequent concerns raised by law enforcement officials that Muslim leaders have been uncooperative in terror investigations.

He cited the case of Najibullah Zazi, an Afghan man and a legal resident of the United States, who was arrested last year for plotting to bomb the New York subway system. Mr. King said that Ahmad Wais Afzali, an imam in Queens who had been a police informant, had warned Mr. Zazi before his arrest that he was the target of a terror investigation.

“When I meet with law enforcement, they are constantly telling me how little cooperation they get from Muslim leaders,” Mr. King said.

About 200 Islamic extremists in Sweden: intel

Swedish intelligence agency Saepo said Wednesday there were around 200 violence-promoting Islamic extremists in Sweden, days after the country’s first ever suicide bombing missed wreaking havoc among Christmas shoppers.

Some “80 percent of the 200 can be linked to each other,” Malena Rembe, the chief analyst at Saepo’s Counter-Terrorism Unit told reporters, adding they were not part of one big network.

“The radicalisation happens in Sweden,” but “the concrete threat is mainly directed at people in other countries,” Rembe said.
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