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Scientology cult spams Melbourne with dubious ‘personality test’

Scientology The Church of Scientology has been blitzing Melbourne with its so-called ‘Oxford Capacity Analysis’ — a ‘personality test’ used by the cult as a recruitment tool.

Professionals note that the test has no standing in the professional community of psychology practitioners and researchers. [Read more...]

Scientology cult buys TV studio

Scientology The Church of Scientology — a cult marketing quackery and other nonsense under the guise of religion — has just bought itself a bigger pulpit.

KCET-TV has sold its landmark Sunset Boulevard studio to the cult, which plans to use it to counter the mostly negative flow of news reports about the organization. [Read more...]

Inside Scientology

Scientology Rolling Stone has republished the web version of ‘Inside Scientology‘ — its in-depth article on the Scientology cult, first published in 2006.

The article is authored by Janet Reitman, whose publisher today announced the publication of her book titled “Inside Scientology: The Story of America’s Most Secretive Religion.” [Read more...]

FBI investigating Scientology, defectors say

Scientology Once again the Scientology cult is being exposed to daylight. This time there are reports that the FBI is investigating human trafficking within the cult.

Five former church staffers confirmed to the St. Petersburg Times that the FBI interviewed them individually over the past 15 months about their experiences in the church’s religious order, the Sea Org. [Read more...]