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This is our archive of news items tagged hate group.

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Tuesday July 20, 2010
Free SpeechHate GroupsScientology:
Scientology A councillor is facing a disciplinary hearing after calling the Church of Scientology “stupid” in a post on the Twitter website.

Wales’ public standards watchdog said John Dixon is likely to have breached the code of conduct for local authority members with his short message last year.

Religion News Blog, whose publishers consider Scientology to be a destructive cult, often files news about the organization under the header ‘hate group’ — in light of the cult’s lengthy history of hate- and harassment activities.

Thursday July 15, 2010
RNB's Religion News BlogScientology:
Over the past couple of weeks, the influential anti-Scientology message boards Operation Clambake [check out the reason for the site's name] and Why We Protest have reported with glee that the Church of Scientology in Orange County can’t pay its water bill on its downtown SanTana building.

Thursday July 8, 2010
Scientology Concerned parents contacted a television station about one of the groups approved for tutoring by D.C.’s Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) – a group that has connections to the founder of the Church of Scientology.

Applied Scholastics International, a Scientology front group, is one of 29 tutoring services listed in the Title I Supplemental Educational Services Guide.

Tuesday June 29, 2010
Scientology A parliamentary inquiry has heard claims the Church of Scientology leaves members to fund local charitable activities out of their own pockets, as it siphons donations to church officials overseas.

The Senate committee was formed after Independent Senator Nick Xenophon raised concerns about Scientology, and proposed changes to tax law that would require religions to pass a public benefit test in order to be exempt from income tax.

Monday June 28, 2010
Religious InsanityScientology:
Scientology The Church of Scientology, seen by many as a destructive cult involved in the marketing of quackery under the guise of religion has compared itself to the Salvation Army during a senate inquiry in Australia.

The inquiry also heard from ex-Scientologists who went public with their shocking experiences earlier this year, when Senator Xenophon twice failed in efforts to have an inquiry into abuse allegations.

Wednesday June 23, 2010
Scientology An investigation by Channel 7′s TodayTonight reporter Bryan Seymour alleged to have uncovered a ploy used by Scientology to dodge tax obligations in the United Kingdom and eight European countries.

Investigations have been launched by the Office for Consumer and Business Affairs as well as the Attorney-Generals Department and with UK authorities.

Monday June 21, 2010
RNB's Religion News BlogScientology:
The Scientology cult in Germany has lost 500 members in 2009, the country's Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution says in a report.

Sunday June 20, 2010
RNB's Religion News Blog:
Plans to turn a former sailors’ refuge in Plymouth, UK, into a Church of Scientology headquarters have caused uproar. A local ex-church member, who did not want to be named, said: “All it will do is fleece the gullible.” [But how else will they keep buying up historic buildings?]

Monday June 14, 2010
Human Rights ViolationsScientology:
Scientology A St. Petersburg Times investigation found that more than a dozen women said the culture in Scientology‘s Sea Org pushed them or women they knew to have abortions, in many cases, abortions they did not want.

Some said colleagues and supervisors pressured them to abort their pregnancies and remain productive workers without the distraction of raising children. Terminating a pregnancy and staying on the job affirmed one’s commitment to the all-important work of saving the planet.

Wednesday June 2, 2010
Scientology A number of former employees of the church have told ABC’s Lateline they were only paid a few thousand dollars per year for full-time work and had to resort to welfare payments to survive.

The Church of Scientology claims people who sign up to work do so as volunteers. But the former Scientologists Lateline spoke to deny that all staff are volunteers.

Tuesday June 1, 2010
Scientology is not free Australia’s industrial inspectorate has confirmed it is investigating the employment practices of the Church of Scientology.

The inspectorate has interviewed Scientology members along the east coast of Australia to establish whether they are being properly remunerated for their church work.

Thursday May 20, 2010
Scientology A former member of The Church of Scientology has accused the organisation of attempting to cover up a case of child sexual abuse.

The ex member who says she was abused as a child has told the ABC’s Lateline program that she was coached to lie to police and community services about what had happened.

Hate GroupsScientology:
Scientology Police raided a local Scientology chapter here and discovered a hidden archive which contained not only information on the group’s members but also on the sect’s ‘enemies’, the Turin daily La Stampa reported on Thursday.

Note: Religion News Blog often files news about the Church of Scientology under the subject of ‘hate groups’ because Scientology has a lengthy history of hate- and harassment activities.

Wednesday May 19, 2010
Scientology Independent senator Nick Xenophon has called for a judicial inquiry into the Church of Scientology following further claims of systematic abuse of members.

“We have allegations of child abuse, coerced abortions, false imprisonment, bullying and extortion. Surely the victims of Scientology deserve a proper inquiry,” he said.

Scientology The daughter of the president of the Church of Scientology in Australia has spoken out against the organisation, describing it as toxic and accusing the church of tearing some families apart.

She claims children of Sea Org members rarely had contact with their parents, lived in separate homes and were granted only 20 minutes each night with their parents.

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