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 Destiny Church

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Monday June 4, 2012
Destiny ChurchRNB's Religion News Blog:
Brian Tamaki Brian Tamaki is exhorting his followers at Destiny Church to leave behind houses, jobs – even family members – to join him at a “City of God” he is building in New Zealand.

There are concerns about the church’s cult-like elements, both theologically and sociologically.

Thursday January 12, 2012
Destiny ChurchRNB's Religion News Blog:
Destiny Church Destiny Church’s plans for its own ‘town’ in South Auckland, New Zealand, could be in line for millions of dollars of Government funding.

Meanwhile the church refutes speculation it will use public money to fund a school it plans to open in South Auckland later this year.

Wednesday June 8, 2011
Destiny ChurchRNB's Religion News Blog:
Brian Tamaki, Destiny Church New Zealand’s Destiny Church — considered a cult of Christianity — has received $860,000 in Government funding for its social services projects.

The church has attracted criticism in the past over its controversial stance on homosexuality and claims from former churchgoers that it is a money-making venture.

Thursday February 17, 2011
Destiny ChurchRNB's Religion News Blog:
Brian Tamaki Destiny Church’s self-styled bishop Brian Tamaki has appalled the Christian community by denying the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ, an essential fundamental tenet of Christian faith.

A comprehensive dossier compiled by Mark Vrankovich, founding director of the Auckland-based international organisation Cultwatch, reveals that Mr Tamaki dropped this inexplicable heresy on his congregation in sermons beginning in May last year.

Friday March 5, 2010
Destiny Church:
Prosperity Gospel Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki says his $1 million-plus home and $75,000 car are “not much” of a reward for decades of clean and righteous living and taking his message to the masses.

But a former high-ranking Destiny member told the New Zealand Herald he and others left because people were hearing less about Jesus Christ and hearing more about the church’s leader.

Destiny Church:
Prosperity Gospel Destiny Church‘s self-proclaimed Bishop, Brian Tamaki, said he feels uncomfortable with members of his parish giving him gifts but the rules were written by the church’s elders.

He said he had been ready to take a vow of poverty but that was not what God wanted.

Thursday March 4, 2010
Destiny Church:
Brian Tamaki, Destiny Church New pastors have been appointed to run Brisbane’s Destiny Church after their predecessor and more than half the congregation walked out of last Sunday’s service.

Brian Tamaki dismissed reports of a split within Destiny as “grossly exaggerated” and accused the media of being “funny and weird”.

Destiny Church:
Brian Tamaki, Destiny Church Destiny Church ministers and leaders are heading to its Brisbane branch after more than half the congregation – including its pastor – walked out.

“You might think I’m stupid for going into the church in the first place. But I [only] found out it was a cult after I went in,” one former member says.

Thursday November 12, 2009
CultsDestiny Church:
Inside New Zealand Cult-like groups are on the rise in New Zealand. Now the two-part Inside New Zealand: How To Spot A Cult documentary uncovers what really goes on inside these often controversial groups.

The two-part documentary consists of ex-believers’ stories, and investigates the similarities they say exist between groups including the Exclusive Brethren, Scientology, Centrepoint, Gloriavale, Avatar and the International Church of Christ.

Thursday October 29, 2009
Destiny Church:
Brian Tamaki, Destiny Church The leader of Destiny Church, Brian Tamaki, who not long ago anointed himself bishop of the church he founded, has now proclaimed himself the church’s “spiritual father” and designated the male members of the church as “spiritual sons”.

Last December the cult-like church announced plans to create a ‘holy city’ for its followers.

At the time Tamaki reportedly urged church members to sell up their homes around the country and move to his promised land.

Observers see in Destiny Church a cult in the making.

Friday October 31, 2008
Destiny Church:
Brian Tamaki Destiny Church is planning to create a holy city for its followers in the heart of South Auckland.

The church’s leader is urging church members to sell up their homes around the country and move to his promised land – a suggestion that is not being welcomed by everyone.

Tamaki told his parishioners the city will hold a church to seat 5000, maraes, medical centres and schools, so his parishioners never have to leave.

Sunday June 19, 2005
Destiny Church:
God looked down on the ordination of Bishop Brian Tamaki in Manukau yesterday afternoon and lo, he was much pleased.

Or so thought the 3000 Destiny Church faithful who paid up to $70 a ticket for a seat at the TelstraClear Pacific Events Centre, only to be reminded again that moral crusades can’t be waged on the cheap.


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