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Affinity fraud, Rabbinical courts, Abused Missionary kids, More…

Newspapers Among the topics in today’s Religion News Briefs: Affinity Fraud (and how you can protect yourself against it). Missionary Kids speak out about abuses they have suffered. And we meet a woman who lost her religion — and subsequently her childen. She is now battling a rabbinical court to regain custody.

Plus: 50 years after the U.S. Supreme Court banned prayer in school religion can be found everywhere in public school environments. [Read more...]

Calvary Chapel pastor sues estranged son over ‘cyberbullying’

Bob Grenier In today’s Religion News Briefs: Ritualistic murderer Robin Marie Murphy has been denied parole. A Calvary Chapel pastor sues one of his sons, who accuses him of abuse, for defamation.

Also: Dominican Republic jails leader of a doomsday cult. Meanwhile, Mexican authorities detain the leader of religious sect that opposes secular education. Plus lost more… [Read more...]