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Data supports hard truth about brides in polygamous Bountiful

It is no secret that there are child brides and teen mothers in the polygamous community of Bountiful, B.C., and that many of them are illegal immigrants from the United States, writes Daphne Bramham [Read more...]

Bountiful’s women to speak in polygamy case

polygamy On Monday, the B.C. court case examining Canada’s law against polygamy will hear from women involved in polygamy who want the law tossed out.

A B.C. Supreme Court judge examining the constitutionality of Canada’s anti-polygamy law has spent nearly two months hearing about the alleged harms of polygamy. [Read more...]

Lonely, abusive childhood recalled at B.C. polygamy case

The daughter of the man whose property became the home of Canada’s Bountiful polygamous community testified Monday that her father eventually renounced the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or FLDS, which had taken control of the community. [Read more...]

Polygamy hearing: Evidence so far shows polygamy inherently harmful

Evidence so far has been overwhelming that polygamy is inherently harmful both to individuals and to society. That’s the bar that the attorneys general for both B.C. and Canada must leap in order for Chief Justice Robert Bauman of the B.C. Supreme Court to conclude that it’s okay to override the constitutional guarantees for religious freedom and freedom of expression. [Read more...]

B.C. Supreme Court opens debate on polygamy

Polygamy Canada is either on the cusp of legalizing polygamy or strengthening the 120-year prohibition against multiple marriage.

That’s what is at stake in the constitutional reference case that will begin Monday in B.C. Supreme Court and is scheduled to last at least until the end of January. [Read more...]