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Christ Embassy’s false gospel; Bill Gothard quits; Ultraman banned

billgothard Bill Gothard, founder of the Institute in Basic Life Principles, has resigned in the wake of an investigation into allegations of sexual abuse.

Sometimes the Prosperity Gospel scam does work. But guess who gets rich of it?

A former Aum Shinrikyo cult member who surrendered after 17 years on the run has now been sentenced to 9 years in prison for his participation in three cult-related crimes.

Cult leader Victor Barnard, who faces abuse charges, is missing.

Plus: The fictional True Detective series may have been inspired by the Hosanna Church child abuse case. [Read more...]

Peter Moses sentenced * Aum cult trial * Faith healers lose appeal

peter_moses Cult leader Peter Moses has been sentenced in the murders of a 4-year-old boy and a 28-year-old woman.

Jailed former members of the Aum Shinrikyo cult can testify in open court against another Aum cult follower. And the parents of a girl who died when they prayed for her healing rather than provide medical care have lots their appeal again their sentence. [Read more...]

3 Aum members on death row may testify against fellow cultist

Makoto Hirata Three men who were sentenced to death for their part in the Aum Shinrikyo cult’s 1995 Sarin nerve gas attack on the Tokyo subway may be called to testify in the trial of fellow cult member Makoto Hirata.

Hirata faces trial for the fatal abduction and confinement of a notary clerk.

Also: ‘Hot Yoga’ guru Bikram Choudhury faces a sexual harassment lawsuit. Plus, more trouble for Narconon Arrowhead: Lawsuits allege its counselors traded sex for drugs.

Plus: Citizens of a polygamous cult’s town are being watched by surveillance cameras. [Read more...]

Aum Shinrikyo cult successor Aleph wins damages, government apology

Aleph, formerly known as the Aum Shinrikyo cult A court has ruled that the Tokyo Metropolitan government must pay damages, and apologize, to Aleph — the successor of the Aum Shinrikyo doomsday cult — for suggesting Aum was responsible for the attempted murder of Japan’s national chief of police.

Aum Shinrikyo is best known for its March 20, 1995 terrorist attack on the Tokyo subway system, during which cult members released nerve gas. [Read more...]

Hate crimes trial for Amish cult: Religion News Briefs

Bergholz Clan A breakaway Amish groups considered by prosecutors to be a cult goes on trial today for hate crimes. Also: A young man convicted for his involvement in a vampire cult murder wants to have his sentence reduced.

Plus: In Spain a fresco of Christ, disfigured in a botched restoration attempt, draws throngs of tourists (and is a worldwide internet sensation).

The murderous Aum Shinrikyo cult, best known for its nerve gas attacks on the Tokyo subway system, is still recruiting new followers. And cult expert Steve Hassan has written [Read more...]