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Benny Hinn tries seed-faith trick in Trinidad

prosperity_scam People who preach that you have to ‘sow’ your money (‘seed’) in order to reap financial blessings do not believe their own teachings.

A former senior member of the Agape Ministries doomsday cu;lt faces a possible two-year sentence for spending three years on the run. [Read more...]

Religion News Briefing: Widow of first televangelist dies

Maude Aimee Humbard In today’s issue: The widow of Rex Humbard, the world’s first televangelist, dies. An Agape Ministries cult member gets his ammunition back. A court orders gated communities in Puerto Rico to provide access to Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Plus a short, but though-provoking documentary on the Westboro Baptist Church — a hate group that masquerades as a Christian church. [Read more...]

Fugitive cult leader and former cult member settle lawsuit

Rocco Leo Fugitive Agape Mininstries cult leader Rocco Leo and former cult member Martin Penney have settled their lawsuits against each other.

Rocco Leo fled to Fiji in May 2010, just before police raided his Agape Ministries properties where they discovered thousands of rounds of ammunition and guns. [Read more...]