Friday’s Religion and Cult News Roundup

‘Sex rabbi’ Eliezer Berland faces extradition from the Netherlands. A religious pirate radio broadcaster has been ordered off-the-air. And: what’s up with yoga’s popularity?

Also: information about the International Cultic Studies Association’s annual conference.

Once again a Scientology front group has been discovered infiltrating schools to promote the cult’s quackery.

Plus: the Scientology business is in full damage-control mode over Alex Gibney’s documentary exposing it to daylight. Meanwhile, it is using the dirty tricks its founder proscribed for dealing with critics.

Speaking of critics: we’ve got info about an upcoming anti-Scientology conference.

Couple sentenced to 10 years in daughter’s faith healing death

Travis and Wenona Rossiter have been sentenced to 10 years in prison in the faith healing death of Syble Rossiter, their 12-year-old daughter.

The couple belong to the Church of the First Born — theologically a cult of Christianity based on its extreme, unbiblical beliefs regarding faith healing.