Romania will not tax witches and fortune tellers

Romania’s Senate has rejected a proposed law that would have taxed witches and fortune tellers.

And the politician who pushed the plan said his colleagues caved because many of them feared being cursed.

Senator Alin Popoviciu of Romania’s ruling Democratic Liberal Party drafted the legislation that also would have forced the country’s thousands of witches and fortune tellers to produce receipts and would have held them responsible for wrong predictions. [Read more...]

Congo’s children battle witchcraft accusations

Children accussed of being witches When Pascal’s little brother got sick, his family accused him of witchcraft and took him to a pastor who forced him to drink pigeon’s blood and oil.

Denied food and beaten for three days, the ten-year-old managed to escape, joining some 250,000 other street children in Congo for three years until he was scooped up by a children’s centre in Kinshasa’s tough east end.

UNICEF, the United Nations’ children’s charity, says accusing children of sorcery is a fairly new and growing trend in Africa, despite long-held traditional and mystic beliefs on the continent. [Read more...]

Zimbabwe doctors powerless about ‘witchcraft curse’

Doctors at a government hospital in the city Bulawayo have given up on treating a young woman who is suffering from a strange illness which traditional healers say is caused by a witchcraft curse. She is now looking for help from traditional doctors or healers.

The woman from the small village of Nkwalini in Northern Matabeleland province was brought to hospital vomiting small pots, buckets, braids and plates.

According to local Inyanga, a traditional healer, popularly known in Bulawayo as Gogo Matshabalala, the woman was cursed in her village. She says she can be cured if she undergoes a traditional cleansing ceremony. [Read more...]