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This collection of news reports includes articles about people who have been falsely accused of witchcraft — as well as about those who practice Witchcraft or Wicca as a religion.

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Dog skeletons, witchcraft books found in home

ReligionNewsBlog.com — Two people are in custody after police found more than a half dozen dismembered dogs in a home in Coatesville, Pennsylvania.

ABC News affiliate WPVI TV in Philadelphia reports officials found the home “was dark and disturbing with elements of witchcraft and the occult on vivid display.”

The station says

In the living room, investigators say they found two dog skulls and a dog skeleton that had been gold-leafed.

They then walked into the kitchen and found two dog skeletons on the counter and a dog’s head in the freezer.

Authorities say the scene was even more sickening when they walked into the home’s backyard.

They found dog fragments charred in a fire pit and chicken parts hanging from a tree. Two live chickens and another dog head were also found in the back.

Officials say they found books on witchcraft and the occult, as well as marijuana, a gun, and various knives and machetes.

‘Witch torture’ trial: Hair cut to ‘release kindoki’

A man accused of killing a teenage boy he thought was a witch cut the hair of a young woman to “release the witchcraft”, the Old Bailey has heard.

According to the BBC Naomi Ilonga, who was 19 at the time, said Eric Bikubi accused her of witchcraft, known as kindoki, because she bit her nails.

Mr Bikubi and his partner Magalie Bamu, both aged 28 and from Newham, both deny murdering Bamu’s brother Kristy, 15.

Miss Ilonga, a Jehovah’s Witness, said she considered Bamu to be her cousin but she had gone along with Bikubi’s accusations.

The trial continues.