Ohio Treatment Center Specializes In Spiritual Abuse From Cults

Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center The Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center, hidden away in rural southeastern Ohio, is one of only two residential treatment centers in the U.S. that helps victims of emotional and spiritual abuse from relationships and cults.

For 25 years, Wellspring has helped survivors of cults and abuse come to terms with what has happened to them.

Counselor fights for freedom of cult victims ‘one mind at a time’

For almost two decades, a small clinic in rural Albany has been quietly helping people from all over the world break their dependence on brainwashing cults. While the Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center goes about its business with little local fanfare, its work has earned attention from major media, including “CBS 48 Hours,” “NBC Nightly […]

Counselor helps cult survivors

Greeley Tribune (Colorado), July 6, 2003 http://www.greeleytrib.com/ Story by Anne Cumming Tiffany Hawkins didn’t know what to do when she and a college friend started drifting apart. Her friend attended all-day self-help seminars that claimed to teach people how to improve their lives. But Hawkins knew something was strange about the groups. “Every time we […]

Chinese team dealing with Falun Gong visits cult rehab center

The Columbus Dispatch/AP, Oct. 24, 2002 http://www.ohio.com/ ALBANY, Ohio – A team of Chinese professionals traveled to a residential treatment center in southeast Ohio to learn treatment techniques for dealing with Falun Gong, a controversial spiritual movement. Five members from the Bejing-based Chinese Anti-Cult Association visited the Wellspring Retreat & Resource Center this week. The […]
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