Cult leader Sun Myung Moon Dies

Sun Myung Moon Unification Church founder Sun Myung Moon, who has claimed that when after he dies he “will continue to lead the church from the spirit world,” has died.

Moon believed himself to be sinless, and that he was the true father of mankind. Believing that Jesus had failed in his mission, Moon also declared himself to be the Messiah. [Read more...]

Washington Times Sold For $1

Unification Church founder Sun Myung Moon is regaining control of the Washington Times after allies of the South Korean cult leader agreed to acquire the paper for just $1 and assumption of most if its debts, according to an internal memo.

The memo contradicts rumors that a feud among the Moon’s sons over control of the Washington Times prompted the father to buy it back for tens of millions of dollars.

The deal is financially similar to the one the Washington Post cut in selling its money-losing Newsweek to businessman Sidney Harmon.

Paul Bedard details the deal — and the internal feuding in the Moon family — in U.S. News & World Report. Mind you, he also writes that Moon “started the newspaper in 1982 as a conservative and Christian voice in Washington.” Theologians know that the Unification Church is, at best, a cult of Christianity. As such, it is impossible for the paper to provide a “Christian voice.” [Read more...]

Burial site for Moonies approved

Moonies mass wedding A religious sect has been granted planning permission to create a burial ground in a village near Swindon, UK.

The Family Federation For World Peace And Unification, more commonly known as the Moonies, can now turn a field in Stanton Fitzwarren into a memorial woodland burial site, despite objections from the parish council, the local councillor and villagers. [Read more...]

Children of Sun Myung Moon church’s mass-wedding age face a crossroads

cult leader Sun Myung Moon With cult leader Sun Myung Moon turning 90 in February, how the movement will survive beyond him is unclear. Moon’s children are at odds over how to run the church’s business empire.

Some second-generation Unification Church members are now looking for a less-radical version of their faith. [Read more...]