Alfusaine Jabbi: Hunt continues for faith healer’s killer

Almost a month after a spiritual healer was stabbed and beaten to death in an “almost ritualistic killing” in Luton, murder investigators are still searching for clues about his killers. The body of 22-year-old Alfusaine Jabbi was found in Leagrave Park car park off Sundon Park Road, early on Saturday, April 29. Mr Jabbi, from […]

Double-life murder victim claimed to be ‘unbeatable’ faith healer

The victim of a violent murder in Luton last month has been identified as a faith healer who promised clients he could solve all their problems in a week. Police are looking for former patients who might have been dissatisfied with the treatments of a man they say lived a double life. Bedfordshire police took […]

Body parts exhibition raises concerns over missing dissidents

Demonstrators are expected to hold a vigil today at the opening of the latest human body parts exhibition in London because of concern over the origins of the human remains from China. Human rights groups fear that some of the remains may be those of dissidents or political prisoners executed by the Chinese authorities. Bodies […]

British Church leaders in Jerry Springer row

A city vicar has defended the Theatre Royal Norwich’s controversial decision to stage a production of Jerry Springer The Opera, but other church leaders have blasted the decision. The West End show, which has sparked outrage among some people in the Christian community in the UK, is on national tour and will be at Norwich’s […]

Indian tribe sends a missionary to tackle spiritual void in Wales

Indian tribes who were converted to Christianity by missionaries from Wales are now returning to evangelise the Welsh because they believe that the country is in a state of religious decline. The Diocese of Mizoram, in the north-east of India, has already sent one missionary to south Wales. It is planning to send a second […]

Chancellor supports evangelist’s best-seller that criticises war in Iraq

Gordon Brown has given his personal endorsement to a book by an American evangelist that attacks the “unjust” war in Iraq. The Chancellor backed the invasion, but his support for the latest work by Jim Wallis, a progressive Baptist preacher, will fuel speculation that Mr Brown may have had personal reservations. In a glowing foreword […]

Race hate crimes and attacks on Muslims soar

Race hate crime soared by nearly a third last year, according to figures released today. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) prosecuted 4,660 defendants for racially-aggravated offences in England and Wales in 2004/05, up 29.7 per cent from the previous year. The number of religiously-aggravated cases dropped to 34 from 49 the year before, but in […]

Church’s new commandment: Enjoy good sex on Sundays

LONDON: Sunday should not only be a day of rest but it should also be a day of sex, the Church of England has recommended. As part of life balance, a course due to be published next week, the established church also urged worshippers to meditate on the day of the rest. The book’s five-session […]

Watchdog tells church it can keep advertising its belief in miracles

Religion recorded a rare victory over science yesterday when a church was allowed to retain a poster offering the prospect of miracles. Critics complained to the Advertising Standards Authority that the poster, which pictured a man with a microphone hugging a child beneath the words “Miracles, Healing, Faith”, was misleading and irresponsible. They said that […]

Jerry Springer opera tour goes on despite prosecution threat

Theatres across Britain have united in defiance against a threat of prosecution from an evangelical Christian group to save the national tour of the controversial musical Jerry Springer the Opera. Christian Voice, which organised street vigils on the evening of the BBC broadcast of the opera in January, successfully petitioned to have Arts Council funding […]

Joke is on religion as Christians laugh at themselves

Religious jokes will be told to hundreds of Christians today in an attempt to determine whether they would fall foul of the Government’s religious hatred legislation. In “The Laugh Judgment” competition, more than 4,000 people voted on 700 religious jokes sent in to the satirical Christian website ShipofFools. The ten funniest and ten most offensive […]

Vicar fights sex store

A vicar has begun a campaign to oust an Ann Summers sex shop from a quintessential English country town. The Rev John Banner is urging Christians in Tunbridge Wells to rally behind his crusade to banish the lingerie store. The shop is due to open in the quiet Kent town next month. But Rev Banner […]

Police ‘must not focus on Muslims’

Home Office minister Hazel Blears has urged that controversial police stop-and-search powers should not be used to target Muslims because of their religion. She was speaking after British Transport Police Chief Constable Ian Johnston suggested his officers would be concentrating on particular racial groups, and would not “waste time searching old white ladies”. In a […]

After London Bombs: Religious hatred up 600%

Faith hate crimes have soared by 600% in London since the July 7 bombings. Alarming figures from Scotland Yard showed that there were 269 such attacks compared to just 40 in the same three-and-a-half-week period in 2004. In the three days following the London bombings, there were 68 religious hate crimes in the capital; there […]

Israeli FM lashes out at London mayor’s sympathy for suicide bombers

LONDON (AFP) – Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom lashed out at London Mayor Ken Livingstone for suggesting that terrorist attacks against the Jewish state were somehow justified. Shalom told reporters that he had raised the matter with British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Foreign Secretary Jack Straw during discussions on security issues here this week. […]

Mosques, madrasas attacked in UK

London, July 11: Backlash and reprisal attacks against British Asians seem to be gaining momentum: three further attacks were reported on mosques and Islamic educational centres in east London and Bristol. In the attack on the east London centre, a number of windows were smashed. Residents from the Muslim-dominated Brick Lane area there remained indoors […]

Witch trial girl’s ‘mother’ found

The BBC has found a woman in Angola who says she is the mother of “Child B”, the eight-year-old abused because she was believed to be a possessed witch. Last week, Sita Kisanga, her brother Sebastian Pinto and Child B’s aunt were jailed on child cruelty charges. In Context London 2005. A child is ‘tried’ […]

Archbishop attacks ‘immoral’ deportations to Zimbabwe

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, has described the Government’s decision to continue sending failed asylum-seekers back to unsafe countries as “deeply immoral” and said that he was “amazed” there had been no change of mind on Zimbabwe. The head of the Church of England went on to describe the whole asylum system as […]

Jesus joins Beckham as youth ‘superhero’

Young people are more interested in tackling poverty and climate control than getting extra pocket money, living without rules or having their football team win, a survey says. They also identify Jesus as the figure who most represents what it means to be a “superhero”, followed closely by Florence Nightingale and David Beckham. Asked what […]
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