Court orders release Tvind-founder Amdi Petersen

Tvind Alert, Jan. 8, 2003  The court in Ringkøbing yesterday ordered the release from Tvind-founder Amdi Petersen, who is facing trial for fraud on behalf of allmost 25 million euro’s.  Prosecutor Poul Gade appealed against this decision, which means a higher court will have to take a final determinination, probably within a few days. […]

Tvind boss comes home to face the music

Mogens Amdi Petersen, founder of the controversial Tvind schools empire, who has been a virtual recluse for decades, is finally back on Danish soil after being successfully extradited from the USA where he was arrested seven months ago.

Amdi requests lawyer

The Copenhangen Post (Denmark), Sep. 15, 2002 Mogens Amdi Pedersen has requested the appointment of another defence lawyer in his forthcoming trial for tax evasion and embezzlement in connection with the Tvind run foundation. The prosecution have asked to comment his request before the judge makes a decision, reveals deputy public prosecutor Poul Gade. […]

Amdi can handle jail claim

The Copenhagen Post (Denmark), Aug. 30, 2002 In a new book detailing his own experiences throughout 18 years in the Tvind (Humana) organisation, former Tvind teacher Hans la Cour has rejected rumours that controversial Tvind-leader Mogens Amdi Pedersen has significantly aged or weakened as a result of his incarceration in the United States, whilst […]

Clothing donors duped

The Copenhagen Post (Denmark), Aug. 30, 2002 For over a decade, the controversial Tvind charity has promised that proceeds from sales of donated clothing are re-invested in the Third World. Profits are in fact re-routed to secret Tvind companies. Under the guise of Third World aid, controversial educational charity Tvind has spent the last […]

Legal details keep Danish fugitive in United States for now

AP, Aug. 22, 2002 LOS ANGELES – A Danish man arrested in February for allegedly embezzling millions of dollars through a humanitarian foundation will remain in the United States while legal paperwork is finished. Mogens Amdi Petersen, 63, agreed to extradition because he wanted to face his critics in Denmark and because of ongoing […]

Dane sought in embezzlement and tax fraud is ready to come home, authorities say

AP, Aug. 22, 2002 Thu Aug 22, 4:40 AM ET COPENHAGEN, Denmark – A Danish man wanted for tax fraud and embezzling from a humanitarian organization has agreed to be extradited from the United States to Denmark, authorities said Tuesday. Mogens Amdi Petersen, 63, who founded the Tvind organization in 1970 but disappeared from […]

Amdi Petersen arrested in the US

Supreme Tvind leader, Mogens Amdi Petersen, has been arrested by police in the United States. This has been confirmed by Holstebro chief of police, Jens Kaasgaard.

Tvind: Mission Control

In 1970, a group of Danish hippies set out on a mission to save the world. Thirty years later, some of the young acolytes they recruited claim the group has become a cult, amassing riches in the hundreds of millions of dollars under the direction of an elusive and mysterious founder. Now, with recruiting efforts reaching into the United States, ex-members say the mission is no longer to save the world but to conquer it. North American headquarters? Massachusetts.

School of Thought: Cruel mind games – Inside the World of a cult

CICD, Humana People-to-People, Development Aid from People-to-People, UFF, and Planet Aid are just some of the name used by the cult-like Tvind organization.

Councils continue sending pupils to Tvind school

Local councils in Britain are continuing to send children with severe emotional and behavioural problems to a Tvind-related school in Norfolk despite warnings issued by the then Department of Education and Science.

Tvind would put capitalist factory owners to shame

An unwritten rule was that students and teachers should not read newspapers. But after returning from his Christmas holiday, a mature student from a nearby Tvind school told him of reports that only a tiny proportion of DAPP/Humana income went to charitable causes.

Charity schools brainwashed staff

Tvind, a Danish educational organisation which runs two schools In Britain and recruits British teachers and volunteer workers, has been accused of using cult techniques and brainwashing its staff

Tvind: Costs take 92pc of UK income

Operating costs are said to take 92 percent of Humana/Tvind income in Britain.

Alarm bells ring over education group

Alarm bells ring over Tvind-related education group set up in Denmark which has mushroomed into empire with companies in Cayman Islands.
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