Televangelist Juanita Bynum’s ex-husband seeks new wife on Web

Thomas Weeks, Juanity Bynum The ex-husband of national televangelist Juanita Bynum, who divorced after a parking lot fight between the two landed him in jail, plans to take his search for a new wife to the Internet with videos featuring dating tips and what he’s looking for in a mate.

Thomas W. Weeks III, a minister who runs an Atlanta-area church and is known to his followers as Bishop Weeks, said the 10-episode series will be available starting Tuesday on his Web site.

Bishop Weeks offers divorce settlement to Juanita Bynum

The end may be near for the troubled marriage of national evangelist Juanita Bynum and her estranged husband Bishop Thomas W. Weeks III.

Husband of Juanita Bynum says she abused him

Another chapter in the soap opera between two people who claim to be evangelists (and more).

Sentenced bishop Thomas Weeks back at pulpit Easter Sunday

Nearly two weeks ago, Weeks, 40, was sentenced to three years probation, 200 hours of community service and anger management classes for the Aug. 21 aggravated assault on his estranged wife, national evangelist Juanita Bynum, 49.

Bishop Weeks Still Loves Me, Juanita Bynum Tells Monica Pearson

During the hour-long interview with Pearson, Bynum insisted a series of text messages she sent to Weeks were not an attempt to save their marriage.

Thomas Weeks says guilty plea was to protect wife Juanity Bynum

Bishop Thomas W. Weeks III, who for more than six months proclaimed his innocence of spousal abuse, said he pleaded guilty to aggravated assault this week to protect his evangelist wife, victim Juanita Bynum, from scrutiny.

Thomas Weeks pleads guilty to aggravated assault on Juanity Bynum

Weeks immediately was sentenced to three years probation, 200 hours of non-church related community service and ordered to attend anger management counseling.

Estranged evangelists Thomas Weeks and Juanita Bynum meet, no resolution yet

National evangelist Juanita Bynum on Monday finally met with her estranged husband, Bishop Thomas W. Weeks III, and his attorney for a deposition in preparation for divorce proceedings.

Thomas Weeks, husband of Juanity Bynum, to face abuse charges in court

On Tuesday, Bishop Thomas W. Weeks III is scheduled to face criminal charges at Fulton County Superior Court for allegedly choking, beating and kicking his estranged wife, nationally known evangelist Juanita Bynum, after they argued in the Renaissance Concourse Hotel parking lot on Aug. 21. [video]

Thomas Weeks releases tell-all book about marriage to Juanita Bynum

The book was re-released a day after Thomas Weeks affirmed his not guilty plea in a criminal case pending against him for allegedly beating, choking and stomping his wife in an Atlanta hotel parking lot.

Bishop Thomas Weeks sticks to not guilty plea in Juanita Bynum assault case

Weeks’ estranged wife national evangelist Juanita Bynum, 49, has accused him of beating, choking and stomping her to the ground at an Atlanta hotel parking lot on Aug. 21.

Evangelist Juanita Bynum skips divorce meeting

Bishop Thomas W. Weeks III got stood up at the negotiation table Monday when his estranged wife evangelist Juanita Bynum failed to show for a mediation of their divorce.

Juanita Bynum, Thomas Weeks willing to reconcile?

Speculation that the couple — scheduled to meet Monday to hammer out a divorce — will reconcile is spreading from the pews of metro Atlanta churches to gossip sites in cyberspace.

Thomas Weeks, husband of Juanita Bynum, to stand trial in March

Meanwhile, Thomas Weeks, an author and leader of a global ministry, and Juanita Bynum, a Pentecostal pastor, author and gold-selling gospel singer, are planning separate seminars on family issues and domestic violence next month.

Thomas Weeks, Juanita Bynum must meet for mediation next month

The couple has been estranged since June and has not seen each other in months, since Weeks is barred from contacting Bynum under the terms of his release on bond. On Tuesday, Weeks’ attorneys filed a motion forcing Bynum to give her deposition in the divorce proceeding – a step she has postponed repeatedly, effectively stalling the mediation process, Kessler said.

Televangelist Juanita Bynum, husband meet in courtroom

Televangelist Juanita Bynum, her estranged husband and a group of attorneys met for more than five hours Friday behind locked courtroom doors in Atlanta then slipped out a back door. No one involved in the hearing would discuss it afterward.

Thomas Weeks denies beating televangelist Juanita Bynum, says she was abusive to him

The man accused of beating his estranged wife, televangelist Juanita Bynum, says he never hit her and that she physically abused him.

Bishop Thomas Weeks says he was abused by wife, Evangelist Juanita Bynum

Thomas Weeks maintains that publications and broadcasts about his stormy marriage do not paint a complete and accurate picture.

Juanita Bynum’s estranged husband Thomas Weeks speaking out on marriage, domestic violence

Televangelist Juanita Bynum’s estranged husband – who is accused of attacking Bynum – is planning a conference on domestic violence and wants to establish partnerships with other organizations around the issue
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