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 The Body

Wednesday February 11, 2004
The Body:
TAUNTON -- Michelle Mingo, the woman whose prophecy led to the starvation murder of her baby nephew, yesterday acknowledged her role in his death before walking out of court with her "spiritual husband," apparently headed back to the Attleboro religious sect whose teachings cost Samuel Robidoux his life and Mingo custody of her five children.

Tuesday February 10, 2004
The Body:
BOSTON -- A member of an Attleboro religious sect whose self-described vision from God led to the starvation death of an infant pleaded guilty today to an accessory charge and was allowed to go free.

The Body:
BOSTON (AP) A member of a religious sect whose self-described vision from God led to the starvation death of an infant is expected to plead guilty to an accessory charge, the prosecutor in the case confirmed Monday.

Friday February 6, 2004
The Body:
LAKEVILLE Karen Robidoux, the former Attleboro cult member convicted this week of assault and battery in the starvation death of her baby son Samuel, will take the next steps with her life in Lakeville.

The Body:
ATTLEBORO -- The lawyer for former Attleboro religious sect member Karen Robidoux said he hopes the case will spur more research into mind control and cults.

Thursday February 5, 2004
The Body:
A day after the murder acquittal of Karen Robidoux, the Herald has learned horrifying and cold-blooded details of how the brainwashing sect used religion to rationalize the slow starvation death of the Attleboro cult mom's toddler.

The Body:
LAKEVILLE -- Former Attleboro sect member Karen Robidoux has entered MeadowHaven, a cult recovery center in Lakeville.

Wednesday February 4, 2004
The Body:
TAUNTON -- An Attleboro mother charged with second-degree murder for starving her baby to death on the orders of her religious sect was acquitted yesterday of murder but convicted of assault and battery, a misdemeanor, which allowed her to walk out of Bristol Superior Court a free woman.

The Body:
Sect mom guilty of lesser charge: Robidoux convicted of A&B for starving infant

The Body:
TAUNTON, Mass. -- A jury today cleared a former Attleboro sect member of murder in the 1999 starving death of her infant son, finding her guilty on the lesser charge of assault and battery.

Tuesday February 3, 2004
The Body:
Taunton, Massachusetts-AP -- A Massachusetts jury has found a former cult member guilty of assault and battery, but not murder, for starving her infant son. Karen Robidoux (ROH'-bi-doo) now faces up to two-and-a-half years in prison.

The Body:
TAUNTON, Mass. - A former member of a religious sect was cleared of murder charges Tuesday but convicted of assault and battery for starving her infant son to death to fulfill a prophecy.

The Body:
When Karen Robidoux held her starving child in arms, was she a psychologically tortured mother powerless to disobey her controlling husband, or a willing participant in her own son's murder?

The Body:
TAUNTON, Mass. - A jury began deliberating Monday whether a woman accused of starving her baby to death to fulfill a religious prophesy was a willing participant or was victimized by her husband and the sect they belonged to.

The Body:
Deliberations continue today in the case of an infant who died because he was denied solid food for 51 days.

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