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 The Body

Wednesday December 5, 2007
The Body:
The state Supreme Judicial Court has affirmed the first-degree murder conviction of Jacques Robidoux, the infamous Attleboro cultist who allowed his infant son Samuel to starve to death because, he claimed, it’s what God wanted.

Tuesday December 4, 2007
The Body:
Massachusetts’ highest court has denied a new trial for a former leader of a religious sect who was convicted of murder in the starvation death of his infant son.

Saturday September 8, 2007
The Body:
The fate of former Attleboro religious cult father Jacques Robidoux, who once thought the court system was a manifestation of Satan, is now in the hands of the state’s highest court.

Friday September 7, 2007
The Body:
After Jacques Robidoux was charged with murder in the starvation death of his infant son, he refused to be examined by a psychotherapist, citing his belief that modern medicine was one of Satan’s “counterfeit systems.”

The Body:
Bob Pardon, a cult expert who has studied the Attleboro group extensively, said Jacques Robidoux was scapegoated in the case and “took the fall” for his iron-fisted dad.

Thursday September 6, 2007
The Body:
The state Supreme Judicial Court will hear arguments Friday that an Attleboro religious cult father was brainwashed when he starved his 1-year-old son to death in 1999.

Thursday May 18, 2006
The Body:
ATTLEBORO -- Roland Robidoux, the founder of a local religious cult whose beliefs led to the starvation death of his grandson, has died, apparently after a lengthy illness, authorities said Wednesday.

Tuesday January 10, 2006
The Body:
ATTLEBORO -- Jacques Robidoux, the Attleboro religious cult father who now claims he was brainwashed when he starved his almost 1-year-old son to death in 1999, has lost his bid for a new trial.

Wednesday November 23, 2005
The Body:
Sect leader serving life for starving son claims he was brainwashed

Saturday October 15, 2005
The Body:
ATTLEBORO -- Jacques Robidoux, the Attleboro religious cult father imprisoned for starving his son to death, is seeking a new trial on the grounds that his original trial lawyer failed to seek an insanity defense.

Saturday May 15, 2004
The Body:
Coming up on Dateline
In a Dateline/Court TV exclusive, Keith Morrison reports on a bizarre legal drama in which parents, who belonged to a fanatical religious group, stand trial for the murder of their baby. Had the groups strange religious beliefs led to this murder? And if so, who was ultimately to blame?

Saturday March 13, 2004
The Body:
ATTLEBORO -- No jury in the country would have convicted Karen Robidoux of murder once they learned what life was like for the former Attleboro religious sect member, her attorney told a local lawyers' group Thursday night.

Friday March 5, 2004
The Body:
Friday, March 5, 2004 Cops keeping tabs on an Attleboro cult involved in the deaths of at least two children say they would move to rescue any new babies born into the brainwashing sect.

Friday February 20, 2004
The Body:
LAKEVILLE -- When Attleboro religious sect member Michelle Mingo was set free last week, she left court wearing the familiar jumper dress worn by sect women and resumed life in the sect home on Knight Avenue.

Saturday February 14, 2004
The Body:
The jury that decided the fate of Karen E. Robidoux was handed a difficult case. Ms. Robidoux, a former member of an Attleboro-area religious sect, was accused of second-degree murder in the 1999 starvation of her infant son, Samuel. The child died after a sect member claimed to have had a religious vision decreeing that he be fed only breast milk.

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