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 Sri Chinmoy

Wednesday November 11, 2009
Sri Chinmoy:
Carl Lewis During his athletic career, Lewis was involved with cult leader Sri Chinmoy. On Chinmoy’s Website, they say Chinmoy “conducted twice-weekly peace meditations at the United Nations for more than 35 years.”

On the Sri Chinmoy Website, Carl Lewis is renamed “Carl Sudhahota Lewis.” Lewis had this to say about the deceased Chinmoy, “though he has passed on physically, I know I have not lost my coach spiritually…”

Wednesday April 15, 2009
Sri Chinmoy:
cult leader Sri Chinmoy When Jayanti Tamm was born, cult leader Sri Chinmoy declared her the “Chosen One,” a miracle child he had selected to be his most devoted follower.

But Tamm eventually broke free from the cult, and has now written a book that details the abuses of the late Chinmoy.

Friday October 12, 2007
Sri Chinmoy:
Chinmoy believed that the physical and spiritual were intertwined, a philosophy that led his followers down some strange paths. One of them rode a pogo stick up and down Japan’s Mount Fuji, while another set a world record for continuous hand-clapping with 50 straight hours of applause.

Sri Chinmoy:
Indian philosopher Sri Chinmoy, whose teachings of inner peace and world harmony made him a spiritual guide to thousands of followers here and around the world, died Thursday. He was 76.

Monday July 19, 2004
Sri Chinmoy:
July 19, 2004 -- A Queens guru who's been accused of seducing women despite his vow of chastity has stacked U.N. headquarters with scores of followers in a bid to promote himself as an advocate for world peace, according to ex-cult members.

Friday July 2, 2004
Sri Chinmoy:
In 164th Street in Jamaica, Queens, there is a vegetarian restaurant called Annam Brahma with a series of photographs on its rear wall showing a bald man in his 70's doing one-arm dumbbell lifts, going incrementally, over 18 months, from 40 pounds up to what is claimed to be 7,063 pounds.

Sri Chinmoy:
Followers of Sri Chinmoy honor him and seek spiritual transcendence in various ways. A dozen followers are doing it this month by running around a city block in Jamaica, Queens, for seven weeks straight, 18 hours a day, from 6 a.m. to midnight.

Monday May 24, 2004
Sri Chinmoy:
Charges of sexual exploitation are being leveled against a Queens-based guru who has presided over a worldwide spiritual empire for nearly 40 years, The Post has learned.

Sri Chinmoy:
A New York-based swami who has headed an international spiritual movement for nearly 40 years has been accused in the New York Post newspaper of fraud and sexual exploitation.

Wednesday December 4, 2002
Sri Chinmoy:
Waikato Times (New Zealand), Nov. 29, 2002

Friday September 13, 2002
Sri Chinmoy:
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia), Sep. 13, 2002

Tuesday October 1, 1996
Sri Chinmoy:
The path to enlightenment and lasting world peace is an arduous journey. But for the long-shuffling disciples of Sri Chinmoy, spiritual visionary and proponent of ultra-endurance athletics, their 2,700-mile, 5,000-lap pilgrimage unfolds outside Thomas A. Edison Vocational Technical High School in Queens, New York. "Run and become," Sri preaches, "become and run." So it is spoken, so it is done.

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