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2012 London Olympic Ministry Promotes Olympian Carl Lewis Despite Involvement with Cult Leader Sri Chinmoy

Carl Lewis During his athletic career, Lewis was involved with cult leader Sri Chinmoy. On Chinmoy’s Website, they say Chinmoy “conducted twice-weekly peace meditations at the United Nations for more than 35 years.”

On the Sri Chinmoy Website, Carl Lewis is renamed “Carl Sudhahota Lewis.” Lewis had this to say about the deceased Chinmoy, “though he has passed on physically, I know I have not lost my coach spiritually…”

Charismatic, quirky Sri Chinmoy dies in NYC

Chinmoy believed that the physical and spiritual were intertwined, a philosophy that led his followers down some strange paths. One of them rode a pogo stick up and down Japan’s Mount Fuji, while another set a world record for continuous hand-clapping with 50 straight hours of applause.

Gury stocks U.N.: Ex-cultists

July 19, 2004 — A Queens guru who’s been accused of seducing women despite his vow of chastity has stacked U.N. headquarters with scores of followers in a bid to promote himself as an advocate for world peace, according to ex-cult members. As many as 60 U.N. clerical workers and mid-level managers are devotees of Sri Chinmoy, 73, a spiritual leader espousing a philosophy of vegetarianism, celibacy, meditation and extreme athletics, ex-members said. The guru, whose actual name is Chinmoy Kumar Ghose, presides over a worldwide spiritual empire from his home in Jamaica Estates. In recent years, the self-avowed chaste

They’re Not Heavy; They’re His People

In 164th Street in Jamaica, Queens, there is a vegetarian restaurant called Annam Brahma with a series of photographs on its rear wall showing a bald man in his 70’s doing one-arm dumbbell lifts, going incrementally, over 18 months, from 40 pounds up to what is claimed to be 7,063 pounds. It sounds like a bar bet, but it is Sri Chinmoy: powerlifter for world peace. Mr. Chinmoy is a spiritual guru and founder of a worldwide empire of meditation centers based in Jamaica. Besides staggering stacks of iron weights, Mr. Chinmoy’s lift résumé also includes heavy objects – airplanes,

Running 3,100 Miles, and Following Their Leader Every Step of the Way

Followers of Sri Chinmoy honor him and seek spiritual transcendence in various ways. A dozen followers are doing it this month by running around a city block in Jamaica, Queens, for seven weeks straight, 18 hours a day, from 6 a.m. to midnight. The eighth annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3,100-Mile Run – which its organizers call the world’s longest certified foot race – began on June 13 and is scheduled to finish on Aug. 3. The runners jog around the Thomas A. Edison Vocational Technical High School, a distance of roughly a half-mile. So participants must log an average of

Ex-followers rip ‘sleazy’ Sri

Charges of sexual exploitation are being leveled against a Queens-based guru who has presided over a worldwide spiritual empire for nearly 40 years, The Post has learned. The 72-year-old Chinmoy Kumar Ghose – Sri Chinmoy to the faithful – moved to the quiet Briarwood neighborhood from India in 1964 and has since preached a philosophy of celibacy, vegetarianism and meditation to thousands. His followers – estimated to be up to 4,000 worldwide – are not asked to replace their religious beliefs with his because Ghose preaches that all established religions are a manifestation of God. The reclusive guru claims that

‘Sleazy’ swami dubbed lying sex pest

A New York-based swami who has headed an international spiritual movement for nearly 40 years has been accused in the New York Post newspaper of fraud and sexual exploitation. Despite Chinmoy Kumar Ghose, or Sri Chinmoy, preaching celibacy, vegetarianism and meditation to thousands, a number of women alleged he used followers for sex. The claims have been made in string of damning posts on a website discussion board. The 72-year-old has also been accused of fraud by a photographer who said he was asked to airbrush photographs to exaggerate the guru`s weightlifting ability. Ghose claims he can lift nearly three

Flock inspired by power lifter’s feat

Waikato Times (New Zealand), Nov. 29, 2002 A 71-year-old Indian man, resident in New York city, lifting sheep over his head on a farm out the back of Whatawhata isn’t something you see every day. Throw in more than 150 devotees – beatific smiles on their faces, staring blankly at the portly man and singing “God of the world” with each lift – and the whole event takes on a slightly surreal quality. The crowd, mostly American, had gathered to witness Sri Chinmoy slowly work his way up to 200 sheep, four at a time, over about two hours