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Health officials shut down Narconon drug rehab centre in Canada

quackery Health officials have ordered the Narconon rehabilitation centre for drug addicts in Trois Rivières, Canada, to evacuate and relocate its 32 residents, citing concerns over procedures that “may represent a risk to health” and a lack of doctors on staff.

The agency’s decision not to certify was based on visits to the Narconon centre in February, and the recommendations of a national committee of experts convened in March to discuss the case.

Regional court in Moscow bans Scientology books as extremist literature; cult not banned

Scientology A regional court in Moscow has upheld a lower court decision made in June 2011, declaring books published by the Church of Scientology to be extremist literature and banning publication or distribution of books from Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

The decision does not ban the controversial cult.

Questions in Netherlands House of Representatives over Scientology tax loopholes

scientology Members of the Netherlands’ House of Representatives have asked questions of State Secretary for Finance, Frans Weekers, regarding tax deductions on financial donations given to the Church of Scientology via front groups.

Scientology is not considered a charitable organization in the Netherlands, and therefore encourages members to donate to the church via an ancillary foundation that does have charitable status.

5 religion news stories you might have missed

5 religion news stories We have collected nearly 500 religion stories this week. Most of them we never post, but simple file instead to have information on hand should we need it.

But we have hand-selected 5 news stories from the past week that we think deserve a closer look.

Mental Health Minister criticises Scientology campaign

scientology Australia’s Mental Health Minister, Helen Morton, says a new campaign by the Church of Scientology is sensationalist.

The ‘Citizens Commission on Humans Right,’ a Scientology front group engaged in an ongoing hate campaign against psychiatry and psychiatrists, has advertised in newspapers and distributed pamphlets warning people about changes to the WA (Western Australia) Mental Health Act.