Parents file suit in Scientology-related rehab facility death

scientology kills The parents of a 21-year-old Texas woman who died this spring after spending two days at an Oklahoma rehab facility rooted in Scientology filed a lawsuit against the organization Thursday, court records show.

Meanwhile a former Narconon employee has launched a protest of the facility. [Read more...]

Greens say tax payer money going to Church of Scientology

Scientology Kevin Hague, drugs spokesman for New Zealand’s Green Party, has alleged in Parliament that the Church of Scientology is using tax-payer money to promote an anti-psychiatry agenda and messages against medication used to treat mental illness through charities disguised as social service organisations.

Through its front groups the cult wages an extended hate campaign against psychiatry and psychiatrists. [Read more...]

Senior Scientologist cleared of sex abuse cover-up charges

Jan Eastgate Charges against Janice Meyer accused of coaching a child to lie about sex abuse have been dropped in a Sydney court.

Meyer, who also uses the name Jan Eastgate, heads Citizens Commission on Human Rights, a Scientology front group that wages an ongoing hate campaign against psychiatry and psychiatrists. [Read more...]

Health officials shut down Narconon drug rehab centre in Canada

quackery Health officials have ordered the Narconon rehabilitation centre for drug addicts in Trois Rivières, Canada, to evacuate and relocate its 32 residents, citing concerns over procedures that “may represent a risk to health” and a lack of doctors on staff.

The agency’s decision not to certify was based on visits to the Narconon centre in February, and the recommendations of a national committee of experts convened in March to discuss the case. [Read more...]

Scientology-linked Narconon center in Quebec shut down for ‘dangerous practices’

Narconon The Narconon Drug Prevention and Rehabilitation Centre in Trois-Rivières is shut down for ‘dangerous’ practices.

The organization, viewed as a front group for the Church of Scientology, employs treatments based on the medical fantasies of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. [Read more...]