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Australia: Warning on ‘homophobic’ cult

Science of Identity, Chris Butler A religious sect which runs meditation and yoga courses in partnership with the Gold Coast City Council is a homophobic cult that teaches gays can be cured by chanting, according to former members.

The Australian School of Meditation and Yoga (ASMY), which runs four “lifestyle centres” on the Gold Coast, one in West End and others in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, is run by the Science of Identity sect.

Concern Over Yoga Class : City Program Linked to Sect

Science of Identity, Chris Butler The Gold Coast City Council has unwittingly entered into a relationship with an organisation that has communes on the Gold Coast and preaches polygamy and arranged marriages.

As part of its Active and Healthy Program the council has joined forces with the Australian School of Meditation and Yoga to offer yoga classes, which past participants claim are a gateway to the Science of Identity organisation.