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 Santa Muerte

Saturday April 28, 2012
RNB's Religion News BlogSanta Muerte:
Santa Muerte As Mexican immigrants journey north, devotion to Santa Muerte has grown immensely in Chicago, Los Angeles, Tucson, Ariz., and other urban “The fact that Santa Muerte is here in Richmond, Virginia, where the Latino population doesn’t exceed six percent, is really significant,” said Andrew Chesnut, an expert on the Santa Muerte movement.

Saturday March 31, 2012
Ritual KillingRNB's Religion News BlogSanta Muerte:
Santa Muerte Eight people have been arrested in Mexico for the killing two 10-year-old boys and a 55-year-old woman in ritual sacrifices by the cult of La Santa Muerte, or Saint Death.

Until now there have been no confirmed cases of human sacrifices in Mexico to the saint.

Tuesday January 11, 2011
RNB's Religion News BlogSanta Muerte:
“David Romo is not the Santa Muerte, and not the whole church, and if he made a mistake he should pay for it.”

Wednesday January 5, 2011
Santa Muerte:
Santa Muerte David Romo, considered the high priest of a cult with millions of followers across the Americas, is accused of kidnapping and posing as a member of the feared Zetas drug cartel.

The “Santa Muerte” cult has become popular among drug traffickers in Mexico, in part because followers believe the skeletal figure of the female “saint” may protect them from death or arrest.

Tuesday December 8, 2009
Santa Muerte:
Santa Muerte Santa Muerte is not a Catholic saint, and in recent decades her popularity in Mexico, especially among the poor and criminal classes, has led to clashes with church officials and government authorities.

But in and around Los Angeles, where Santa Muerte services are held in at least three storefront shrines, a dash of pop theology and Southern California sunshine seems to have given the movement a mild New Age flavor.

Thursday March 26, 2009
Santa Muerte:
Santa Muerte Mexican federal authorities used bulldozers to bring down more than 30 chapels devoted to “Saint Death” – a figure that is worshipped by drug traffickers – in the northern city of Nuevo Laredo, the daily Reforma reported Wednesday.

Although the figure is venerated by people from many walks of life, the saint — Santa Muerte — has been adopted by drug gangs.

Tuesday September 2, 2008
Santa Muerte:
Santa Muerte The heads of 11 decapitated bodies discovered in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula last week may have been burned in a ritual, investigators said.

Police said they found an altar to the skeletal figure of the “Santa Muerte,” an unofficial patron saint of death, in the home of two men arrested in connection with the slayings, while several scorched spots were discovered in a nearby clearing.

Monday June 2, 2008
Santa Muerte:
Eduardo Ornelas, a spiritual adviser and owner of the Botanica San Miguel Arcangel, said he tells customers the Roman Catholic Church does not recognize Santa Muerte. Even so, for many in the Mexican community she has emerged as representing a dark, less-traveled path ultimately connected to God.

Santa Muerte:
While a similar shrine to a Catholic saint would likely be a source of pride, many residents are appalled at a 75-foot-tall statue of a skeleton shrouded in black, Santa Muerte (Saint Death).

Although the Santa Muerte icon has existed for decades in working-class Mexican neighborhoods, never has it towered so ominously.

Monday August 13, 2007
Santa Muerte:
Followers of Mexico’s Santa Muerte death cult replaced their scythe clutching skeleton idol on Sunday with a pale angel in a gold dress in an attempt to make their beliefs more palatable to Christianity.

Saturday January 28, 2006
Santa Muerte:
A former female wrestler, accused of killing 11 elderly women in the Mexican capital, had an altar to the skeletal, scythe-wielding Santa Muerte death cult figure in her home, newspapers said.

Tuesday September 20, 2005
Santa Muerte:
NOGALES, Sonora - Not everyone fears the reaper.

Monday May 16, 2005
Santa Muerte:
Teachers, members of a local religious sect and motorcyclists thronged Mexico City streets on Sunday in three separate protests.

Saturday April 30, 2005
Santa Muerte:
MEXICO CITY--Mexico's government canceled the official recognition of a religious group devoted to the worship of the Santa Muerte, or "Saint Death" on Friday, arguing the group had violated its own statutes.

Saturday March 5, 2005
Santa Muerte:
Devotees of a death cult, who are fighting for recognition as a religion, participate in a protest in Mexico City yesterday.

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