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Parents plead guilty in faith healing death; sentenced to probation

Russel and Brandi Bellew A couple charged with manslaughter in the faith-healing death of their 16-year old son, Austin Sprout, were sentenced to five years probation.

Russel and Brandi Bellow are members of the General Assembly and Church of the Firstborn — part a network of churches that have extremist teachings on the subject of faith healing.

Children of parents charged in faith healing death of son become wards of the state

Russel and Brandi Bellew Six siblings in Creswell, Oregon, became wards of the state as their parents await trial in connection with the faith healing death of their teenage son.

The family attends the General Assembly and the Church of the First Born in Pleasant Hill, which generally believes in using prayer instead of medical care to treat illnesses.

Couple charged in son’s faith healing death free on bail

Russel and Brandi Bellew A Creswell, Oregon couple charged with second-degree manslaughter in the ‘faith healing’ death of their teenaged son pleaded not guilty in court Monday.

The couple belongs to the General Assembly and the Church of the First Born — a church with a long history of controversial death related to its unbiblical teachings regarding faith healing.

Oregon faith healing couple charged in son’s death

Russel and Brandi Bellew Just one day after parents in Washington were charged in the faith healing death of the teenaged son, an Oregon couple belonging to the same church have been arrested in the faith healing death of their 16-year-old son.

They belong to a church is known for its unbiblical teachings beliefs regarding faith healing.

Oregon Sheriff’s Office investigating death of teen involved in faith healing church

faith healing An Oregon Sheriff’s Office is investigating the death of a 16-year-old boy whose cause of death is unknown and whose family belongs to General Assembly and the Church of the First Born — a church that believes illnesses and injuries should be treated with prayer rather than medical care.