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Religion News Roundup: Quidditch, bulletproof turbans, church bans Tai Chi class, more…

Religion news Today’s RNB Roundup includes anything from bulletproof turbans for Sikh police to the increasing popularity of Quidditch (of Harry Potter fame).

Priest Alberto Cutié says he may marry the woman he was photographed cavorting with on a Miami Beach.

The tiny Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan has an interesting approach to its economy: Gross National Happiness.

Also, a lady gave her $4.2-billion inheritance to a Feng Shui master. Her family is not amused.

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Religion news roundup: Virgin Mary, Witchcraft, Paganism, Macho Worship Songs, and more

Religion News Today’s RNB Religion News Roundup includes: a guy helping Christians reconcile God with science; Londoners caught in the financial crisis turn to psychics (forgetting they, too, did not predict the economic turmoil); a Druid trying to save Stonehenge from government interference; atheists trying to expel God from the Irish constitution; a digitally recreated Vatican, and an appearance by the Virgin Mary.

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Religion News Roundup: Aum Shinrikyo, Scientology, Pareidolia, FLDS, and more

RNB Religion News Roundup The RNB Religion News Roundup for Friday, Apr. 24, 2009 includes items about Scientology, Aum Shinrikyo, Korean cult leader Jeong Myeong-Seok, the continuing popularity of Aum Shrinrikyo’s jailed cult leader, and China’s on-going ban on Falun Gong.

Also: • A US state must pay benefits to the wife of a Jehovah’s Witness who died after refusing a blood transfusion  • A killer turned pastor upsets his victim’s son  • Nigerian preacher speaks out against witch hunts  • Vampire story gets demoted…

Plus: what do you see? Pareidolia?

Religion News Roundup: “I’m perfect, You’re Doomed,” Elves, the Shroud of Turin, and cult killer art

Religion News Roundup Today’s Religion News Roundup includes stories about elves, a ship operated by a religious sect, mosques facing the wrong direction, and mosques possibly spied upon by the FBI.

Also: “I’m Perfect, You’re Doomed.” Yes, it’s about Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Further, the definitive book on the Columbine High School massacre. Germany’s main Neo-Nazi party faces collapse, and according to the Vatican the Knights Templar hid the Shroud of Turin.

Religion News Roundup: vampire-free school; Scientists who believe in God; FLDS: ‘compound’ or ‘ranch’?

Religion News In today’s RNB religion news roundup: a vampire-free school; another look at a Scientology cult compound; Question: do the FLDS polygamists in Texas live on a ‘ranch’ or a ‘compound’.

With ‘brainwashing’ and ‘deprogramming’ in the news (1 Mind Ministries), we highlight some cult-related terminology; Free e-book: 50 Nobel Laureates And Other Great Scientists Who Believe In God.

Ethics: Spanish court weighs inquiry on torture for 6 Bush-era officials; probably not related, but a study says that the ‘eye for an eye’ approach does not pay.

The Church Around The Corner (where we find our offbeat religion news) includes a Baptist preacher who wants to again run for the organization he bilked.

And that’s not all…

Religion news roundup: A Raelian bishop; the Anti-Christ; Robert Schuller on Twitter; 3 prayers for $4.95; Scientology…

Religion News In today’s Religion News Roundup: • Robert Schuller Twitters. • Why Scientologists are targeting Haiti. • Jailed cult leader Wayne Bent plans to appeal his conviction. • The Anti-Christ vs. Honduras.

Also: • The state of Virigina is ready for bioterrorism. • Jehovah’s Witnesses swamp small town. • Man who shot dead pastor at church says he is not guilty. • A Raelian bishop alleges religious discrimination. • Transcendental Meditation couldn’t save hotel.

• Jailed: Muslim pilots who prayed instead of taking emergency measures.

• Plug and Pray? Nope. Pay and Pray. Plus: • How Mormons try and explain a failed prophecy. • Heresy hunters hunted. And more…

Religion news roundup: Scientology, religion trends, Islam, Gwen Shamblin, and more

Religion News In today’s Religion News Roundup stories about: • Muslims behaving badly, • a ‘starvation diet’ weight-loss guru addressing school children, • a couple of televangelists, • and one of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Also present: • vampires, • as well as Christians who are holding their first ever symposium on aliens (from outer space, that is). Speaking of aliens, • a Scientology PR guy does a good job inoculating people against Scientology. • More…

Religion News Roundup: Atheism; Transcendental Meditation; Marijuana for religious use; and more

religion news In Today’s RNB Roundup, • Inmate says jailers interfered with his Satanic religious practices. • Rastafarians tells an Italian judge their pound of marijuana was for religious purposes. • Quick, sell your TV: The PTL Club may soon be back on the screen • A look at Scandinavia’s kinder, gentler atheists.

Also: • Leonard Cohen returns to the road, for reasons practical and spiritual, • Transcendental Meditation taught in American schools. And more…