Religion News Roundup: Tori Amos talks about erotic spirituality, buddhism 3rd largest religion in Netherlands, Sons of Muslim hate preacher face jail

RNB religion news roundup In today’s Religion News Roundup, two different items about the combination of spirituality with eroticism. Also, the Buddhisation of the Netherlands, plus Is This Your Brain on God?

Further: What is Dan Brown’s agenda?

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RNB’s Religion News Roundup: faith healing; Buddhists and money; Rumsfeld and the Bible…

Religion News In today’s RNB Religion News Roundup we’ve got items about religious radio/tv programming, the Grand Prix Priest does Britain’s Got Talent, and human rights abuser Donald Rumsfeld quoting the Bible.

Imagine playing John Lennon’s anti-religious Imagine at church…

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RNB’s Religion News Roundup: faith healing, witchcraft, exorcism and more…

Religion news Today’s edition of RNB’s Religion News Roundup includes two items about witchcraft, one somewhat funny, and one seriously disturbing.

The funny item involves the believe in Tanzania that by use of witchcraft one can transport crops from one farm to another (i.e. stealing in order to save oneself lots of hard work).

The serious item comes from Nigeria, where hundreds of children falsely accused of witchcraft have been killed.

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Religion News Roundup: Quidditch, bulletproof turbans, church bans Tai Chi class, more…

Religion news Today’s RNB Roundup includes anything from bulletproof turbans for Sikh police to the increasing popularity of Quidditch (of Harry Potter fame).

Priest Alberto Cutié says he may marry the woman he was photographed cavorting with on a Miami Beach.

The tiny Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan has an interesting approach to its economy: Gross National Happiness.

Also, a lady gave her $4.2-billion inheritance to a Feng Shui master. Her family is not amused.

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Religion news roundup: Virgin Mary, Witchcraft, Paganism, Macho Worship Songs, and more

Religion News Today’s RNB Religion News Roundup includes: a guy helping Christians reconcile God with science; Londoners caught in the financial crisis turn to psychics (forgetting they, too, did not predict the economic turmoil); a Druid trying to save Stonehenge from government interference; atheists trying to expel God from the Irish constitution; a digitally recreated Vatican, and an appearance by the Virgin Mary.

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Religion News Roundup: Aum Shinrikyo, Scientology, Pareidolia, FLDS, and more

RNB Religion News Roundup The RNB Religion News Roundup for Friday, Apr. 24, 2009 includes items about Scientology, Aum Shinrikyo, Korean cult leader Jeong Myeong-Seok, the continuing popularity of Aum Shrinrikyo’s jailed cult leader, and China’s on-going ban on Falun Gong.

Also: • A US state must pay benefits to the wife of a Jehovah’s Witness who died after refusing a blood transfusion  • A killer turned pastor upsets his victim’s son  • Nigerian preacher speaks out against witch hunts  • Vampire story gets demoted…

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