RNB QuickLinks: Heidi Klum, a noisy church burglar, and ‘Christian’ gossip

RNB Quicklinks Today’s issue of RNB QuickLinks looks at a book you probably won’t find in your church’s library, reports on a noisy church burglar, and shows why Hindus are upset with Heidi Klum.

Plus: Just in time for Christmas: A kinder, gentler version of Guitar Hero.

And you probably won’t believe who donates to the ‘atheist’ bus ad campaign. [Read more...]

RNB QuickLinks: Muslim women given permission to hit back…

RNB QuickLinks In this light-hearted edition of RNB’s QuickLinks: Muslim women encouraged to hit their husbands; ET supports McCain (and according to a prominent atheist may have created earth); 20 ways to answer someone if you have no case.

Also: The Virgin Mary, of course, as well as a four-foot-tall statue of Jesus. Plus: What would be the worst-case scenario for Scientologists? [Read more...]

RNB Quicklinks: Patty Hearst, Jesus OneTouch, L. Ron Hubbard, and more…

RNB Quicklinks We’ve managed to gather L. Ron Hubbard, Patty Hearst, Jimmy Hendrix and Jesus OneTouch on one page.

If you look closely you’ll even see Walter Cronkite.

We’ll tell you where the Virgin Mary is, give you today’s religion number, and took a look at the books in your hotel room’s nightstand. [Read more...]

RNB Quicklinks: How not to convert someome to Atheism, Easter and Christmas banned, Scientology slugfest and more…

religion news links In this issue of RNB Quicklinks: a Scientology slug-fest, how not to convert someone to Atheism, the fastest growing religion, Easter and Christmas banned, music by the son of a preacher man, and Roy Boltz comes out of the closet.

Also, Tyler Pery on studio executives: “Mention Jesus Christ, and they don’t want to deal with you.” More… [Read more...]

RNB QuickLinks: Mormons or CIA agents? Jesus in a sink, ethical dogs, the hijood and a black mailbox

RNB Quick Links Today’s RNB QuickLinks reveals CIA Agents disguised as Mormons, the hijood (like the burqini, but then for athletes), and ethical dogs.

Also: the black mailbox, Jesus appears in a bathroom sink, and what to respond to “The Lord be with you.”

And more, including a prediction of churches twice as big as today’s largest mega-church. You have been warned! [Read more...]