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 Ritual Killing

Sunday September 2, 2007
Danijel JakupekRitual KillingSatanism:
Police found what they described as satanic cult literature while searching the suspect’s house. Manuals on body dismemberment were also discovered, unofficial sources say.

Danijel JakupekRitual KillingSatanism:
A man was arrested Saturday on suspicion that he killed a 5-year-old boy and his uncle and dismembered them in a satanic ritual, Serbian police said.

Friday November 3, 2006
Ritual Killing:
Anson County Sheriff’s deputies have arrested a woman they say admitted slaying a sheep, goat and chickens and spreading their blood on her mother’s grave as part of a religious ceremony.

Wednesday August 16, 2006
Ritual Killing:
The story of toddler, Edrine Muguluma who was recently kidnapped and murdered in ritual sacrifice has shocked the nation. He is one of many children that are increasingly being killed in cold blood on the orders of witchdoctors and traditional healers that we must find a solution to.

Thursday June 29, 2006
Ritual Killing:
Fear of alleged cult members out to abduct and kill young children has caused attendance in some schools in northern Negros to drop and officials are taking measures to address the problem.

Ritual Killing:
Police in Toboso town in northern Negros are determined to solve the successive killings of two children recently as it downplayed reports that some cult members may have been behind the death of the kids.

Tuesday June 27, 2006
Ritual Killing:
The police have arrested two members of an alleged cultist group believed responsible for the mysterious death of a 6-year-old boy whose mutilated body was found floating in a river in Toboso, Negros Occidental.

Saturday June 17, 2006
Ritual Killing:
Authorities suspect a satanic cult is responsible for slitting the throats of six members of the same family in Colombia.

Monday April 10, 2006
Ritual Killing:
If you were doubting that some people sell human parts for a living, this is the time to believe. Home Affairs Minister Anne Kachikho has revealed in parliament that police have discovered some of the traffickers and they are rounding them up.

Monday March 27, 2006
Ritual Killing:
Even in a country grown accustomed to horrific acts of violence, it is a crime that still shocks. ''Muti murder'', in which human body parts are removed to be used in traditional "medicine", is increasing in South Africa - but victims' families complain that the police too often ignore it.

Thursday June 30, 2005
Ritual Killing:
The leader of Liberia's transitional government, Gyude Bryant, has promised to use the death penalty against anyone found guilty of sacrificial killings.

Wednesday June 22, 2005
Ritual Killing:
Police in Kenya are holding three people in the coastal city of Mombasa, suspected of involvement in the ritual killing of children.

Saturday June 18, 2005
Ritual Killing:
Allegations that African boys were being trafficked into Britain for slaughter during macabre church services were largely discredited by Scotland Yard last night.

Thursday June 16, 2005
Ritual Killing:
A confidential report into the sacrifice and abuse of children at African churches describes how pastors are profiting from the trafficking of black boys into Britain.

Tuesday May 31, 2005
Ritual Killing:
Abuja - Police in south-western Nigeria arrested a pastor and two others on Monday over their apparent involvement in the ritual killing of a seven-year-old boy.

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