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 Religious Persecution

Thursday December 15, 2011
IndiaReligious Persecution:
India A fact-finding mission to India’s Kashmir Valley found that Muslim leaders’ increasingly shrill opposition to conversions has instilled fear among the Christian minority, which has been threatened as Christmas nears.

Christians in Srinagar, the summer capital of India’s northern-most state of Jammu and Kashmir, are “really scared,” said Dr. John Dayal, a member of the National Integration Council and part of the fact-finding team.

Tuesday December 6, 2011
Religious Persecution:
Burma As U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Burma’s capital, Naypyidaw, last week in a show of support for authorities’ ostensible reforms to discuss minority rights, government troops killed civilians and burned houses in a Christian-majority state about 450 miles away.

On Wednesday (Nov. 30), the day Clinton arrived, Burmese soldiers killed a woman and injured six other villagers as they fired four rounds of mortar shells at civilians.

Wednesday November 9, 2011
IranIslamReligious Persecution:
Youcef Nadarkhani A jailed pastor of one of Iran’s largest evangelical house church movements remains “strong in his faith” in Christ, despite facing execution before Christmas for refusing to return to Islam.

He isn’t the only family member facing criminal charges for converting to Christianity.

Wednesday November 2, 2011
AlgeriaReligious Persecution:
Algeria Five Algerian Christians remained jailed in north-eastern Algeria Tuesday after they were reportedly detained this weekend for “worshiping in an unregistered location.”

Another Christian, a minor, was released and placed on probation following Saturday’s raid in a village near the town of Bougous in north-eastern El Tarf province bordering Tunisia.

Monday October 17, 2011
ChristianityIslamReligious Persecution:
Iraq In an Iraq torn by national and religious divides, there is no safe haven for Nuria’s family or other Arab families who convert from Islam.

Muslim family members, neighbors or employers who discover they are converts can make their lives unbearable.

Tuesday October 11, 2011
EgyptHate GroupsIslamReligious Persecution:
Egypt Funeral services were held today in Cairo for some of the victims of a military attack against a group of Christian protestors that left 26 dead and hundreds wounded.

In the wake of what could be the worst act of violence against Egyptian Christians in modern history, leaders of the Coptic Orthodox Church have called for three days of fasting and prayer for divine intervention, along with three days of mourning.

Tuesday October 4, 2011
Hate GroupsIranIslamReligious Persecution:
Islam Militants with suspected ties to Iranian security forces have threatened to kill nearly a dozen evangelical Christians who fled Iran unless they “repent” and return to Islam.

At least 11 Iranian Christians received electronic mail messages from ‘The Unknown Soldiers Of The Hidden Imam’ calling on them to either repent or face extra-judicial execution.

Wednesday September 28, 2011
IslamReligious Persecution:
Islam religion of the sword Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani refused to recant his Christian faith today at the fourth and final court hearing in Iran to appeal his death sentence for apostasy (leaving Islam).

A court declared that although Nadarkhani was not a practicing Muslim before his conversion, he was still guilty of apostasy due to his Muslim ancestry.

Tuesday September 20, 2011
MexicoReligious Persecution:
Mexico About 70 Protestant Christians lived in the village of San Rafael Tlanalapan, Puebla state, until last week Monday, when they faced a frightening ultimatum – leave immediately or be “crucified or lynched.”

Traditionalist Catholics in the village reportedly threatened to burn down or otherwise destroy their homes.

Thursday September 15, 2011
IslamReligious Persecution:
Sudan Muslim extremists have sent text messages to at least 10 church leaders in Khartoum saying they are planning to target Christian leaders, buildings and institutions.

Church leaders said they fear more persecution as they and their flocks become targets of local Islamists.

Monday September 5, 2011
IranReligious Persecution:
Iran After he became a Christian in the Netherlands, as well as getting free from drugs, Abrahamian returned to Iran to work with drug users.

Iranian authorities were incensed that Abrahamian worked with marginalized Farsi-speaking Muslims, and that he had connections with foreign Christians.

Monday August 29, 2011
Hate GroupsIslamNigeriaReligious Persecution:
Nigeria Muslim extremists with the alleged help of Nigerian army personnel killed 24 Christians this month in central Nigeria’s Plateau state, area sources said.

Plateau Gov. Jonah Jang called for immediate withdrawal of the Nigerian army because, he said, Muslims in the army have taken sides with Islamist assailants.

Monday July 11, 2011
CubaReligious Persecution:
Cuba An evangelical pastor once jailed by the regime of Fidel Castro arrived in the United States from Cuba yesterday with his family under a special resettlement program for political refugees.

The Rev. Carlos Lamelas was granted asylum in the United States due to persecution he has endured for more than five years at the hands of Cuban authorities.

Tuesday June 28, 2011
EgyptHate GroupsIslamReligious Persecution:
Islam Enraged Muslims burned down several Christian-owned homes, surrounded a church and threatened to kill a priest last week in two unrelated incidents in Upper Egypt.

Salafis have made a series of attacks and threats against Coptic Christians since the fall of the Hosni Mubarak regime on Feb. 11.

Wednesday June 1, 2011
AlgeriaReligious Persecution:
Algeria Convicting a Christian convert for insulting the prophet of Islam, a judge in Algeria last week stunned the Christian community by sentencing him beyond what a prosecutor recommended.

In Oran, 470 kilometers (292 miles) west of Algiers, a criminal court in the city’s Djamel district on Wednesday (May 25) sentenced Siaghi Krimo to a prison term of five years for giving a CD about Christianity to a neighbor who subsequently claimed he had insulted Muhammad. Krimo was also fined 200,000 Algerian dinars (US$2,760), according to Algerian news reports.

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