Redeemed Church Takes Nollywood by Storm

LAGOS, Nigeria — Now playing across Nigeria: The saga of a church that self-produced a few films and became an instant mogul in the country’s giant movie marketplace known as Nollywood. It’s the latest _ and perhaps most audacious _ foray into mass culture by the Redeemed Christian Church of God. In less than a […]

Glance at Redeemed Church Leader

NAME_ Enoch Adejare Adeboye. TITLE _ General Overseer, Redeemed Christian Church of God. AGE-BIRTH DATE _ 64; March 2, 1942 in Ifewara, Nigeria. EDUCATION _ Graduated from Nigeria’s University of Ife in 1967; later received a master’s degree in hydrodynamics and a Ph.D in applied mathematics at the University of Lagos. He lectured at the […]

Once target of missionaries, African Christians become most dynamic force in the faith

LAGOS, Nigeria — Dawn is near. But the congregation shows no sign of tiring. For more than eight hours — all through a torrid tropical night — they have danced, shouted and prayed with a preacher most simply call Daddy. More than 300,000 have come. But for the Redeemed Christian Church of God, it’s just […]

Nigerian church puts Texans’ love for their neighbours to the test

Evangelicals’ arrival in former Ku Klux Klan haunt brings old prejudices but also new tolerance They say that God moves in mysterious ways, but perhaps never more so than when telling the leaders of Africa’s largest evangelical church to build their North American headquarters in Floyd. Less than a generation ago this dusty railway stop […]

African church plans ‘Christian Disneyland’

Tiny Floyd, Texas, reluctant home of global mission FLOYD, Texas – God may work in mysterious ways, but that is little comfort to Luanne Moody. She’s lived in the same mobile home for 27 years, and she knows all her neighbors, the names of their dogs and the throaty signature of each pickup that eases […]
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