Yoga guru Ramdev stirs thousands to violence

Ramdev A popular yoga guru retreated to his plush ashram Sunday claiming the Indian government was out to kill him after police forcibly removed the televangelist from a “fast-unto-death” hunger strike against corruption and scattered tens of thousands of his followers.

The showdown in New Delhi had been building for days, after the saffron-robed, barefoot guru Ram Krishna Ramdev, known as Baba Ramdev, went ahead with his threat to lead a mass hunger strike in the capital.

Baba Ramdev plans to set up yoga retreat on remote Scottish Island

Ramdev One of India’s most controversial television lifestyle gurus, Swami “Baba” Ramdev, who claims homosexuality can be “cured” by yoga, plans to transform a remote Scottish Island, Little Cumbrae, into a yoga and traditional teaching centre.

His claims that yoga can treat cancer and HIV have been blasted as “quackery of the highest order” and he has been slammed for giving “false hope to ill people”.

Yoga Guru Ramdev calls for religious tourism

Yoga guru Ramdev on Tuesday stressed the need for the development of religious tourism in the country.

India tunes into Ramdev, Sri salvation

MUMBAI, July 10 Early one summer morning in the holy town of Haridwar, on the banks of the sacred Ganges, about 500 people sit on mats facing their saffron-clad Hindu guru, following his every word. Swami Ramdev speaks of the benefits of ancient yoga in a society rapidly moulding the frenetic and stressful pace of […]

Ramdev bitter pill for doctors

Medicos faced with patients all praise for yoga and questioning allopathic cure after baba’s camp Ranchi, Feb. 27: Baba Ramdev has left behind thousands of yoga converts. And, scores of bitter doctors. The medical fraternity is confronted with patients mesmerised by the yoga guru’s prescriptions and ready to challenge allopathic treatment. Take the example of […]
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