Judge rules undercover investigation invaded privacy of Raelian sect

Raelians In a decision that one lawyer says further restricts the media’s freedom in Quebec, a judge has ruled that the a newspaper’s “clandestine” undercover investigation of the Raelian UFO cult went too far.

He has ordered its parent company, Sun Media Corp., to pay $9,000 in damages to two Raelians who sued for invasion of privacy. [Read more...]

Raelian lesbians attack Pope and Catholic Church

Gay Raelians A group of glamour lesbians who believe the world was created by an alien civilisation 25,000 years ago have criticised the Catholic Church for being out of touch.

Raelian spokeswoman Eden Bates said it was an insult that the Pope would be welcomed into Australia when “our gorgeous, fantastic spiritual leader Rael wasn’t even given the respect of a visa”. [Read more...]