RAEL Launches the ‘Adopt a Clitoris’ Program to Fight Against Sexual Mutilation

LAS VEGAS, May 15 /PRNewswire/ — Following the announcement made by Dr. Lankonade, OBGYN in Burkina Faso, stating that women and children of all ages who have suffered the indignation and torture of clitoral excise (the equivalent of male castration in its barbarity) now have the chance to regain sexual pleasure and once again be […]

Cloning sect targets city

A bizarre religion that says it clones humans and communicates with aliens has embarked on a massive recruiting campaign across Brisbane. The Raelian Movement, which says it has cloned 15 children around the world, has recruited at least 300 members at nightclubs, library seminars and public information sessions in King George Square. The religion founder, […]

U.S. Clonaid offers Hwang a job

An American cloning agency which claims to have cloned human beings announced yesterday that it has offered to hire scientist Hwang Woo-suk. Clonaid was founded in 1997 by Rael, self-appointed “spiritual leader” of the Raelian Movement, the world’s largest UFO-related organization numbering 60,000 members in almost 100 countries. “We at Clonaid, believe that Dr. Hwang […]

Raelians want to establish ET embassy in Jerusalem

TEL AVIV, Israel — On November 8, the Israeli daily newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth published a report on the 40th anniversary of SETI, the institute whose stated purpose is to “explore, understand and explain the origin, nature and prevalence of life in the universe”. While participating in a conference celebrating SETI and its search for ‘intelligent […]

“Sensual seminars” and flying saucers

“Sensual seminars” and flying saucers as French sect goes recruiting in Spain MADRID (AFP) – To register it depends on your sexual proclivities. “If you’re up for any kind of experience, you get a green bracelet, and a red one you are ‘available’ but looking for stable partnerships.” So says a reporter from Spain’s Mundo-TV […]

Cult backs new Houellebecq novel

‘The Possibility of an Island‘, the long-awaited new book by French literary bad boy Michel Houellebecq, went on sale across Europe and the US Wednesday backed by a ringing endorsement from the Raelian cult. Four years after the release of his bestselling ‘Atomised’, the return of the controversial 47 year-old was hailed as the […]

Raelians ‘UFO cult’ infiltrated

Updated Sep. 23, 2011: U.S. Federal Court Rules Filmmakers Lied About Raelians Filmmaker secretly documents Raelians to expose ‘brainwashing, sexual coercion’ A young filmmaker says he infiltrated the UFO cult known as the Raelians, and he’s looking to blow the lid off the secretive group with footage he shot while undercover. The Raelians are reportedly […]
Updated Sep. 23, 2011: U.S. Federal Court Rules Filmmakers Lied About Raelians Abdullah Hashem is still making movies, but this time the location is a little different and the subject much more serious. A year ago Hashem wrapped up production on the movie “Apache Tears,” which used Mooresville and central Indiana for many of the […]

Dance with the naked aliens

Let us now paraphrase the Gospel of Rael: An immortal race of alien hotties created the first humans in a laboratory 22,000 years ago. The aliens check in on us every Sunday, around 11 a.m. Ten cloned babies burble happily in secret locations around the planet, hunted by extremist Catholic factions. Eight thousand four hundred […]

Raelians urge Auckland kids to reject school uniform

An organisation is encouraging Auckland high-school students to fight for their right to wear what they want. The New Zealand Raelian movement plans to distribute leaflets to students after school inviting them to oppose compulsory uniforms. The group says school uniforms are a tool to make children conform to social norms. “When people conform they […]

UFO Cult Names Eminem ‘Honorary Priest’

Eminem’s politically charged video for “Mosh” has earned him recognition as “honorary priest” of the anti-violence UFO cult, The Raelian Movement. Besides taking the top chart position this week for his album, Encore, Eminem is getting another top position as an “honorary priest” of the Raelian Movement. The group’s founder, Rael, formerly known as Claude […]

Heated debate on new TV show enthralls Quebec viewers

MONTREAL – People in Quebec are indeed talking about the new late-night TV show Tout le monde en parle, after the leader of the Raelian movement stormed off the set Sunday. The new talk show, whose title translates as Everyone’s talking about it, is based on a French model and is similar in style to […]

Three Raelians give Earthlings an eyeful

Three members of the Raelians, the religious sect that believes life on Earth was started by space aliens, give a whole new meaning to the idea of heavenly bodies in the October issue of Playboy magazine. The women posed for a feature called “The Rael World,” with the coy subtitle “Prepare for a close encounter […]

Raelians share their message, insist they are not ‘nuts’

Nashville may not be fertile ground for belief in aliens. Only five people showed up for yesterday’s public lecture by three representatives of the Raelian Movement, the atheistic group that believes life on Earth was cloned by a people from another solar system. But before you sneer, the meeting yesterday was well-reasoned and sincere with […]

Maybe ET will make appearance there, too

This afternoon, a group of Raelians the atheist sect that claims to have cloned babies and bases their beliefs on a chat with an extraterrestrial will hold a meeting at the Green Hills library. Just when the summer doldrums had set in and the International Bank of Column Ideas was shuttered, my editor […]

Some press releases are looney

Whirled Peas, John Ford, assoc. editor Like any newspaper, we get a large number of press releases, with the sender hoping that we will develop them into stories. Some of the press releases we get are just, well, looney. I still remember the one from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) from several […]

Weve been cheated, mistreated

Youve got to hand it to his Holiness Rael. The French-born high priest of the Raelians has a knack for hitching his religion to big stars and using the flimsy connection as an excuse to knock Catholicism and almost anything else. To be honest, weve made our share of Vatican and Pope jokes. But theyre […]

Cloned baby? Science shows it’s snake oil

Cult-linked Clonaid, whose success claims haven’t been substantiated, now says S’pore couples are trying its controversial method Would you put your well-being in the hands of people who believe aliens created mankind? If you do, then you would no doubt like to be acquainted with the dubious cult-linked firm Clonaid. It has, among other things, […]

MOH sounds warning against human cloning

It draws attention to future penalties for such acts The Ministry of Health (MOH) has warned Singaporeans against pursuing human cloning, following a news report last week that said two local couples have sought the aid of controversial company Clonaid to clone children after attempts to have offspring by other means failed. A report in […]
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