Country stymies opening of UFO sect’s Clitoral Restoration Hospital

Clitoraid, a charity backed by the Raelian Movement, has built a hospital in Burkina Faso for the purpose of helping women who have been subjected to genital mutilation.

But the country forbids the hospital from opening, and has cancelled the work permits of a team of surgeons.

Raelians believe pressure from the Catholic Church is behind these moves. But concern over the Raelian gospel may also play a role.

Devotion to a sect, then slow starvation

Daniel Boli-Bbagra In the white-tiled, one-bedroom Miami apartment were books and hand-scrawled notes attesting to the family’s devotion to a sect that believes in extraterrestrial beings and human cloning.

Among the items found in the sparsely furnished apartment: several French magazines and books — including Let’s Welcome the Extraterrestrials and Yes to Human Cloning — connected with the Raelian movement.

Space alien cult sues the pope

The space alien Raelian cult has filed a lawsuit against the pope.

Among other charges, the suit alleges Pope Benedict violated human rights laws by claiming condoms don’t stop the spread of AIDS.

The controversial international Raelian movement is headed by race car-loving, alien-spotting, France-born Rael, who maintains his life mission is to prepare humanity to welcome its extraterrestrial creators.

The cult is best known for lying: in 2002 it claimed to have produced the world’s first cloned baby.

Raelians organize Go Topless protest

Coming up August 22: the National (USA) Go Topless Protest.

Go Topless has been around since 2007, and its big push is Go Topless Day, an annual event held on the Sunday closest to Aug. 26, which is Women’s Equality Day, the anniversary of the day women were given the right to vote.

Although Go Topless is focused on the laws in the U.S., its roots are, well, extraterrestrial in origin.

Both Gary and Abdulla are members of the Raelian religion, which believes that humans were created by advanced scientists known as the Elohim. The group is best known for its close ties to Clonaid, a human cloning company that claimed in 2002 to have created the first cloned human baby.

They say their beliefs in ETs are inspiring them to fight to make the right to bare breasts as fundamental as the right to bear arms.

Raelians want to rehab `reputation’ of the swastika

The Raelians have designated this Sunday (June 27) as “World Swastika Rehabilitation Day,” saying the ancient symbol should no longer be damned by its ties to Nazism.

The Raelian symbol, a swastika merged with the Star of David, has hindered the group’s plans to build “interplanetary embassies” in Israel and Lebanon.

Raelian leader from Iran seeks asylum in Turkey

Raelian Movement The U.N. refugee agency is considering an asylum request from the Iranian leader of the Raelian Movement, a sect that believes in extraterrestrials.

She is being detained in Istanbul for not carrying a proper passport when she arrived in Turkey last week, and as an apostate from Islam faces a possible death sentence if sent home.

Religious UFO cult to build UFOland in Las Vegas

Raelian Movement A UFOland is to be built in Las Vegas by the Raelian movement, a religious cult which believes humans were created by extra-terrestrials.

Visitors will be able to attend a Happiness Academy and see a full-size replica of a UFO.

In 2002, Clonaid, a company linked to the religious cult, claimed it produced the world’s first cloned baby.

Judge rules undercover investigation invaded privacy of Raelian sect

Raelians In a decision that one lawyer says further restricts the media’s freedom in Quebec, a judge has ruled that the a newspaper’s “clandestine” undercover investigation of the Raelian UFO cult went too far.

He has ordered its parent company, Sun Media Corp., to pay $9,000 in damages to two Raelians who sued for invasion of privacy.

Raelian lesbians attack Pope and Catholic Church

Gay Raelians A group of glamour lesbians who believe the world was created by an alien civilisation 25,000 years ago have criticised the Catholic Church for being out of touch.

Raelian spokeswoman Eden Bates said it was an insult that the Pope would be welcomed into Australia when “our gorgeous, fantastic spiritual leader Rael wasn’t even given the respect of a visa”.

Raelians Rocket From Clones to Clitorises

The Raelians have championed some strange causes in the movement’s 25-year history, including aliens and human clones, but now they are going to bat for a body part — the clitoris. [video]

Rael sect seeks converts in Japan

Hundreds were gathering here Monday to study the teachings of the controversial Rael sect, which believes extraterrestrials created Earth, as the group sought to expand its largest base of Japan.

Concern over cult swastika poster

A poster advertising a cult UFO conference in Glastonbury was taken down after concerns that a swastika featured on it was causing offence.

Alien Nation, Raelians Moving Headquarters to Las Vegas

Although there are only a few dozen Raelians in Las Vegas, the city will soon become the North American headquarters for the Raelian Movement.

Cult leader Rael denied residence in Switzerland

Cult leader Rael, who shot to media prominence in 2002 by claiming to have cloned a human being, has been denied residence in Switzerland for fear of endangering public morals, authorities said.

For sale: prime place for a prophet to play

The Raelians want to sell their UFOland and move from Canada to the USA.

Cult re-adopts swastika

The Raelian movement, an atheistic cult that claims humans were created by aliens, has reverted to its original symbol: a swastika inside a Star of David.

Settlement reached in Hunt son’s death

After Andrew’s death, the Hunts made international news when they hired Dr. Brigitte Boisselier — who belonged to a religious sect that believes life on Earth is the product of genetic experimentation by aliens — to explore the possibility of cloning their son.

Welcome to real world, judge tells head Raelian

Suit against columnist thrown out. With his provocative attacks on Christians, Jews, Vorhilon told he’s not above criticism When laughing him off as a “scatterbrained swindler” and a “clown,” an Ottawa columnist did not libel the man known as Rael, a Quebec Superior Court has ruled. Dismissing an $85,000 damage suit against columnist Denis Gratton […]

Raelians: City writer beats cult in court

MONTREAL — In laughing him off as a “scatter-brained swindler” and a “clown,” an Ottawa columnist did not libel the cult leader known as Rael, a Quebec Superior Court judge has ruled. Dismissing an $85,000 damage suit against columnist Denis Gratton and Le Droit, Justice Maurice Laramee said in a ruling late last month, arguments […]
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