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Muslims on front line as racism rises across EU

Racism, xenophobia and far-right extremism are on the rise across Europe, according to a comprehensive survey which found that Muslim communities face mounting discrimination and prejudice. The report, by non-governmental organisations in 20 EU countries, criticises governments for losing interest in the battle against racism, and says the political reaction to terrorist attacks has made life harder for ethnic minorities. The inquiry by the European Network against Racism highlights a trend towards “increased tolerance for discriminatory behaviour particularly against immigrants and Muslims”. It adds that “a lack of political will to address racism is sometimes evident and disturbing”. The section

Russian racism out of control

Racist killings in Russia are “out of control”, according to a report by international human rights watchdog Amnesty International. The report into violent racism shows that at least 28 people were killed and 366 were assaulted in 2005. This year there have already been a number of high-profile cases, including the death of a Senegalese student. Amnesty condemns discrimination by the authorities and a failure to properly record or investigate racist crimes. The Amnesty report, entitled “Russian Federation: Violent racism out of control“, includes examples of police and prosecutors routinely classifying murders and serious assaults by skinhead extremists as lesser

How the killing of Christopher Alaneme is a shocking insight into racist Britain

Christopher Alaneme left London 18 months ago to escape the violence of the big city and pursue a new life in a quiet coastal town. But the 18-year-old’s name has become the latest addition to the growing list of victims of racist violence in Britain. Christopher, whose parents are from Nigeria, was stabbed to death in Sheerness, Kent, apparently as he sought to protect his friend, a 14-year-old white boy. Christopher knew he would stand out as just one of a handful of black people living in the town at the mouth of the river Medway. But for the loyal

Kilroy defends Arab states attack

BBC presenter Robert Kilroy-Silk has argued that he has a right to say “there are Arab states that are evil, despotic and treat women abominably”. In interviews with Sunday papers he also said he was “disappointed” the BBC suspended his TV show, after an article he wrote led to accusations of racism. He had already said he “regretted” the piece, calling Arabs “suicide bombers, limb amputators, women repressors”. But the Muslim Council of Britain has demanded a full apology. ‘Positive light’ The former Labour MP told the Sunday Telegraph he had the right to criticise despotic Middle Eastern regimes. A

‘Simple mistake’ led to Kilroy-Silk row

BBC presenter Robert Kilroy-Silk claimed the furore over his article about Arabs resulted from a simple secretarial error. The former Labour MP, 61, said his column in last week’s Sunday Express was reprinted by mistake after his secretary sent the wrong e-mail attachment. Writing for the column in this weekend’s newspaper, Kilroy-Silk insisted his remarks were taken out of context and had not caused offence when they were first published in April last year. He writes: “Last week I wrote my column as usual – about John Reid’s proposal to charge foreigners for using the NHS as it happens. It

Kilroy apology ‘not good enough’

Campaigners have rejected an apology by Robert Kilroy-Silk over anti-Arab comments he made in a newspaper. The TV presenter said he “regretted” the Sunday Express article in which he branded Arabs “suicide bombers, limb amputators, women repressors”. But the Muslim Council of Britain‘s Iqbal Sacranie said: “He has basically regretted some of the statements… but he has not made a full apology.” The BBC has suspended his Kilroy chat show while it investigates the matter. The corporation said it “strongly dissociated” itself from the comments, which did not reflect its views as a broadcaster. In a statement, Mr Kilroy-Silk said

BBC halts Kilroy for race ‘rant’

The Kilroy programme will be taken off air immediately following comments made by Robert Kilroy-Silk in a newspaper article, the BBC has announced. The presenter branded Arabs “suicide bombers, limb amputators, women repressors” and asked what they had given to the world other than oil. The BBC stressed the comments did not reflect its views as a broadcaster. It said the BBC One programme would be suspended from Monday while it investigated the matter fully. The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) described the piece written by the discussion show host in last week’s Sunday Express as a “gratuitous anti-Arab rant”.

Racist cop will not escape punishment

A North Wales cop who dressed in a Ku Klux Klan-style hood and threatened to beat up a rookie Asian officer will not escape prosecution because of a legal loophole. Lawyers said weekend speculation that ex-North Wales Police trainee policeman Rob Pulling, who was caught on camera in a BBC documentary, would avoid prosecution because time had run out was “an unlikely situation”. One expert said: “Dropping any such prosecution on such a high profile and topical case in this manner would create an even bigger outcry and justifiably so.” The Secret Policeman showed officers and probationers from North Wales,

Let-off for Ku Klux Klan row cop

A racist Welsh cop who dressed in a Ku Klux Klan-style hood and threatened to beat up a rookie Asian officer may get away with it because of a legal loophole. Ex-North Wales Police trainee Pc Rob Pulling’s racist outburst was caught on camera in a BBC documentary. The Secret Policeman showed officers and probationers from North Wales, Cheshire and Greater Manchester making racist jokes and remarks. All have since resigned. Rob Pulling could now face charges of inciting racial hatred, but a time limit on the offence may mean the charges could be dropped. Greater Manchester Police’s Chief Constable