Doctor convicted in fake cancer treatments; preyed on Evangelical Christians

Christine Daniel A doctor and evangelical minister who used bogus herbal medications to offer false hope to dozens of people suffering from diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s was found guilty of nearly a dozen federal charges.

Twenty-eight victims or family members of victims who died while taking the products testified against Christine Daniel. [Read more...]

New Age Guru James Arthur Ray Guilty in Sweat Lodge Death

James Arthur Ray A jury has found self-help gury James Arthur Ray guilty of negligent homicide on Wednesday in the deaths of three of his followers during a botched sweat lodge ceremony near Sedona in October 2009.

By finding Ray guilty of negligent homicide, the jury in effect decided that while Ray’s conduct caused the deaths, he wasn’t aware of or didn’t recognize the risk of death caused by his conduct – in this case, the manner in which he ran the sweat lodge. [Read more...]

Scientology cult spams Melbourne with dubious ‘personality test’

Scientology The Church of Scientology has been blitzing Melbourne with its so-called ‘Oxford Capacity Analysis’ — a ‘personality test’ used by the cult as a recruitment tool.

Professionals note that the test has no standing in the professional community of psychology practitioners and researchers. [Read more...]

Warning regarding Scientology’s ‘volunteer ministers’

Scientology Nowadays it seems that wherever there is a disaster, so-called ‘Scientology Volunteer Ministers’ show up.

Sometimes they pass out food and supplies, but more often than not their real purpose is to ‘assist’ people with the quackery ‘techniques’ thought up by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard [Read more...]

Baby of Jehovah’s Witnesses couple given transfusion after court order

Jehovah's Witnesses A life-saving blood transfusion was administered to a critically ill baby under a court order secured by a Dublin hospital at a late-night hearing in a High Court judge’s home.

The child’s parents, members of the Jehovah Witness faith objected on religious grounds to the procedure. [Read more...]