Authorities continue negotiations with Russian doomsday sect

Rescue workers have cleaned up and reinforced the entrance to the shelter following its collapse, clearing the way for the sect members should they wish to end their underground wait for the Apocalypse. A group of rescue workers is also on duty day and night near the shelter in order to provide assistance in the case of an emergency.

More Russian cult members leave cave

Fourteen members of a doomsday cult who had been holed up in a cave in Russia for the last few months are reported to have come out. [video]

Doomsday monk tries to coax Russian cultists out of cave

A Russian priest who specialises in the Apocalypse has been trying to coax members of a Doomsday cult to come out of a cave where they have spent five months waiting for the world to end.

Russian doomsday cult calls credit cards satanic

A Russian doomsday cult sheltering in a bunker say credit cards and food packaging bar codes are satanic, the official negotiating the release of children from the group said.

7 members of Russian cult that feared world’s end emerge from cave

Officials feared that melting snow could eventually lead to the collapse of the cave, but there was no immediate threat to those who remained behind.

Leader of Russian doomsday sect charged with inciting hatred

Pyotr Kuznetsov was earlier charged with “the creation of an organization infringing upon citizens’ rights.”

Doomsday cult leader faces criminal charges

Around thirty of his followers have barricated themselves in an underground bunker where they are awaiting the end of the world (scheduled for this May, according to them).

Russian doomsday cave cult could be gassed or poisoned, paper says

Russian doomsday sect members, who have been barricaded in a cave in the country’s central Penza Region since the fall, could die from infection and poisonous fumes, the Tvoi Den tabloid paper said. [video]

Investigators deny report of Russian doomsday sect member deaths

Members of the sect, believed to number 35 people including 4 children, went underground in November 2007 in order to “save themselves during the time of the apocalypse,” which they say will come in May 2008.

Doomsday cult leader beaten up

Kuznetsov, who declared himself a prophet and established a cult of Orthodox believers, is held responsible for persuading its members to barricade themselves in a cave in the Penza Region.

Investigators say 35 Russian sect members holed up in cave

Orlova denied early media reports that police and special forces were preparing to storm the cave.

Inside the mind of a doomsday cultist

More than a month ago about 30 members of a doomsday cult barricaded themselves into an underground tunnel in Russia’s Penza region. They’re waiting for the end of the world. They refuse ID numbers of any kind, saying they conceal satanic meanings. RT takes a look at the cult’s beliefs. Surviving separation Earlier this month […]

Millionaire Sterligov Attempts To Talk With Sect

Sterligov, who once had a thriving coffin business, now lives as a peasant farmer after reportedly finding religion.

Russian sect leader refuses to help bring children out of cave

The group has now been underground for around two weeks, and has refused all attempts to persuade them to come to the surface.

Orthodox Church warns against force in doomsday cult standoff

Alexander Dvorkin, a Russian expert on religions and sects, earlier said that totalitarian sects were common in Russia, and that “control over their members is absolute, and anything that comes into the heads of their leaders has a direct impact on the entire group”.

Russian cult leader speaks of angels, the apocalypse and 666

Heavily medicated, Kuznetsov, 43, said that police had questioned him for four days to make him divulge the location of the sect’s cave. He explained away bruises around his eyes as a result of “falling face-down on the floor” in “dark corridors” at the police station.

Second group of cult followers awaits apocalypse in Penza, Russia

Two women and three children have locked themselves in the house of the cult leader.

Official: Doomsday cult leader will seek release of children from Russian hideout

Pyotr Kuznetsov has agreed to seek the release of the children from the cave-like refuge, and authorities plan to escort him to the site Wednesday for talks with his followers, said Yevgeny Guseynov, a regional government official.

Priests Fail to Get Doomsday Cult Members Out of Russian Cave

The cult leader reportedly told followers that in the afterlife, they would be judging whether others deserved heaven or hell.
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