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Wikipedia ruled by ‘Lord of the Universe’

One of Wikipedia‘s leading administrators bears an extreme conflict of interest, but you can’t expose him from the Conflict of Interest Noticeboard. He created the Conflict of Interest Noticeboard.

This administrator is a longtime student of Prem Rawat – formerly Guru Maharaj Ji – the India-born spiritual leader who styled himself as the “Perfect Master” and fostered a worldwide religious movement encouraging followers to call him “Lord of the Universe.”

Court rulings support sect’s harassment of freelance journalist

Reporters Without Borders (Reporters sans frontires) today condemned intimidation and harassment of Australian freelance journalist John Macgregor by the Elan Vital sect and a series of rulings by the Queensland supreme court in Elan Vital’s favour which pose a threat to press freedom. The organisation said it has written to Press Council chairman Ken McKinnon and attorney-general Philip Ruddock asking them to ensure that press freedom is guaranteed in coverage of Elan Vital’s activities. Prem Rawat “He was billed as a motivational speaker, but until just a few years ago was known as the Guru Maharaj Ji, head of the

Cult Moves To Silence Australian Journalist

SCOOP EDITOR’S NOTE: The following ever so strange – tale came in this morning via email. Scoop is not in a position to verify it, nor to express an opinion on the legal merits of what it reports. For more detail follow up via the link below. Or email the Scoop editor for contact phone numbers. On the face of it John MacGregor has had a terrible time and deserves all the support he can get from his colleagues in the media business Scoop Co-Editor Alastair Thompson. Award-Winning Australian Journalist “Raided”, Gagged, Sued By A Well-Known Religious Cult

Spiritual body faces inquiry

Bristol Evening Post (England), June 17, 2003 BY CHARLIE MORTON An inquiry has been launched into the organisation linked with controversial speaker Prem Rawat, who led The Charity Commission has confirmed that it is investigating Elan Vital, the UK-registered charity which was set up in 1997. The Indian-born icon Mr Rawat was billed as a motivational speaker when he addressed two sell-out crowds at the Colston Hall on Saturday and Sunday. But up until just a few years ago, Mr Rawat was known as the Guru Maharaj Ji, head of the Divine Light Mission and who was once called

Don’t waste your lives

Bristol Evening Post (England), June 16, 2003 A Senior church leader in Bristol has issued a stark warning after a speaker on spiritual enlightenment packed the Colston Hall with two recruitment conferences at the weekend. Canon Peter Bailey, a close advisor to the Bishop of Bristol, said people should be free to make their own minds up about the controversial organisation Elan Vital and its leader Prem Rawat, once called Lord of the Universe by followers. Despite the warning, Elan Vital denies it is a sect or religious movement. Father Bailey warned that those who did not question the

Guru Offers Message to Attentive Audience

The Daily Californian, May 1, 2003 By TAMI ABDOLLAH, Contributing Writer A spiritual guru, who has been accused of being a cult leader, spoke to an eager audience at UC Berkeley last night, stressing the need to find personal fulfillment in life. Prem Rawat, greeted with a standing ovation and loud cheers at Zellerbach Hall, was accused of banning former followers from the event. During the speech, he avoided talk of religion and instead encouraged audience members to appreciate the simple things in life. “I’m not here to tell you to walk three miles backward and you’ll be fine,”

Campus Speaker Criticized by Ex-Devotees

The Daily Californian, Apr. 30, 2003 By MARTIN RICARD, Contributing Writer A controversial religious leader will speak at Zellerbach Hall tonight, despite objections from former followers who claim he leads a cult. Former members allege Prem Rawat, head of Elan Vital, Inc., hides a checkered past and is using the event to recruit new members. “He’s coming to Berkeley doing an introductory program, which means he’s trying to recruit more people,” said former follower Joe Whalen, who lives in San Francisco. Rawat devotees asked people to ignore any allegations and listen to Rawat with an open mind. “We all

Police block drive-in protest against guru

The Courier Mail (Australia), Sep. 4, 2002 A former devotee of the Indian guru Mahariji yesterday failed in his bid to use his rented truck to batter his way into a convention west of Ipswich to denounce the spiritual leader. Neville Ackland, a self-proclaimed “ex-premie” (follower) of “Mahariji” Prem Pal Rawat, was yesterday stopped by police from driving into the Ivory’s Rock convention centre to confront the “false guru”. Mr Ackland had been carrying a petition signed by hundreds of followers who claimed they were duped by the leader of the “cult”. “I am one of hundreds of ex-premie