Nasty Fight Over Control of a Megachurch

The widow of megachurch pastor Zachery Tims Jr. sued the church she co-founded with her late ex-husband, in a nasty spat to try to keep control of the New Destiny Christian Center Church, Inc.

Tax-Exempt Ministries Avoid New Regulation

Prosperity Gospel A three-year investigation into financial improprieties at six Christian ministries whose television preaching bankrolled leaders’ lavish lifestyles has concluded with the formation of an independent commission to look into the lack of accountability by tax-exempt religious groups.

The investigation report issued this week details the ministries’ luxury homes and cars, trips on private jets and expensive gifts, including two Rolls Royces that a third party reported was given to the Dollars as a gift from the church.

Televangelists Benny Hinn and Paula White deny affair

Benny Hinn and Paula White Without Walls International Church senior pastor Paula White and worldwide televangelist and faith healer Benny Hinn posted statements on their websites recently denying a National Enquirer report that they are romantically involved.

The tabloid’s article includes photos identified as Hinn and White holding hands on a supposed “romantic trip to Rome.”

Benny Hinn reportedly romantically involved with televangelist Paula White

Benny Hinn Reports this week suggest a still-married Benny Hinn is now romantically involved with Paula White, another television preacher with a colourful past.

In February, Hinn’s wife Suzanne filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences.” The two were at that point living apart.

Without Walls pastor vows to fight foreclosure threat; may sue newspaper

Randy-White In a service notable for its unusual content, the Rev. Randy White, pastor of Without Walls International Church, laid bare the church’s financial situation Sunday and its bid to stave off foreclosure of its two campuses.

In his 90-minute sermon, White devoted 30 minutes to talk of the foreclosure proceedings. He spent an hour rebutting a series of articles written by the Tampa Tribune about the church over an 18-month period. White said the coverage had cost the church and its affiliates, which include Paula White Ministries, millions of dollars. [video]

Financial Walls Closing In On Without Walls International Church

Paula and Randy White The future of Without Walls International Church is in question now that a credit union wants to foreclose on the megaministry.

The church defaulted on a $1 million loan due in August, prompting the California-based Evangelical Christian Credit Union to file foreclosure proceedings Tuesday.

For months there have been signs of financial struggles at Without Walls.

In August, the church’s financial controller resigned resigned after Randy White ordered him to pay White’s $24,000 American Express bill, even though it would mean the ministry couldn’t make payroll for the week.

Grassley will not give up on investigation into finances of televangelists

Televangelists Media-based televangelists benefiting from tax code exemptions are warned — Sen. Chuck Grassley is a terrier-like congressional inquisitor with time and a big stick on his side.

“I am not threatening them, at this point,” the Iowa Republican said.

Just 2 ministries submit financial data

Only two of six Christian ministries under scrutiny for allegations of opulent spending turned over documents to a Senate panel by a Thursday deadline, with others either fighting the request or asking for more time.

Four Televangelists Submit Financial Data to Senate

Four televangelists, under investigation for the way they raise and spend money, did not turn over financial information by Thursday, the deadline set by the Senate Finance Committee, including one preacher who challenged the committee to subpoena him.

For pastors, divorce’s stain fades

The alleged attack of Thomas Weeks on estranged wife Juanita Bynum, and the divorce announced by Randy and Paula White, has rocked the evangelical world and left many tongues wagging about the state of clerical marriage and the ability of divorced clerics to minister.

Randy White Makes Emotional Return To Without Walls Pulpit

Days after its founders Randy and Paul White announced they plan to divorce, Without Walls International Church got back to business Sunday.

Megachurch founding pastors Randy and Paula White to seek divorce

Megachurch pastors Randy and Paula White stood before their congregation Thursday night and made the announcement that many in their flock feared had been coming for months. They are divorcing.

Randy and Paula White: Divorce shakes evangelical empire

As a team, pastors Randy and Paula White attracted tens of thousands to Without Walls International Church. But behind the picture perfect image, the couple’s 18-year marriage was in trouble. At Thursday night’s service, they announced plans to divorce. Both have been divorced before.

Church Star Has Mounting Concerns

While Paula White enjoys a meteoric rise to the top of Christian evangelism, she must juggle mounting concerns at home. In the last few months, Without Walls, which White leads with her husband, Randy, has been embroiled in controversy over allegations of a lack of integrity and questionable business dealings.

Without Walls Church Addresses Disputes

The revelations about Without Walls, which collects $40 million a year in revenue and is one of the nation’s largest independent churches, have piqued interest nationally.

Without Walls International Church Responds To News Articles

The Without Walls International Church responds to newspaper articles.

Widow: Pastors Reneged On Deal To Care For Me

Paula and Randy White preach a health-and-wealth gospel. The more you give, the more you get — a scam the Bible itself warns against.

Dream Home Win Proves Too Good To Be True

A follow-up on a story about problems at Without Walls International, a church run by prosperity preachers Paula and Randy White.

Paula and Randy White: Of Faith, Fame & Fortune

Prosperity gospel preachers Paula and Randy White are the subject of an investigative report by the Tampa Tribune.
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