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Skull probe focuses on cult rituals

HOPEWELL TOWNSHIP – As forensic experts yesterday sought to identify a human skull found near the bank of the Delaware River here on Monday, police consulted with religious experts to determine what cult might have left the decrepit remains and other items in the Titusville section. “Right now we’re researching different religions to see if the items we found fit the practices of one of them,” said Police Chief Michael Chipowsky. He said the findings – which also include an animal skull and a dozen other items he would not identify – may be related to the ancient African religion

Palo Mayombe Priest Gets Jail For Possessing Stolen Human Remains

NEWARK, N.J. — A priest in the Palo Mayombe religious cult who was convicted of possessing human remains stolen from cemeteries was sentenced this week to five years in state prison. Oscar Cruz, 50, was charged in August 2002 after Newark police raided a city botanica he owned and operated and found him in the basement with caldrons that contained bones from five people. Two sets of the remains were later identified as those of Jacob Schmidt and Richard Jenkinson, whose bones were stolen from Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Newark. Palo Mayombe is a derivative of a West African religion

Woman Convicted In Bone Thefts From Cemeteries

NEWARK, N.J. — A 61-year-old woman accused of being a high priestess in the Palo Mayombe religious cult was convicted Monday of stealing human remains from cemeteries. Miriam Mirabal, of Newark, was found guilty of theft, conspiracy to commit theft and burglary. Assistant Essex County Prosecutor Dean Maglione said Mirabal ordered the theft of Emily and Richard Jenkinson’s remains on December 17, 2001, from the Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Newark. She then ordered the theft of Joseph Rovis’ remains on January 23, 2002 from the Holy Sepulcher Cemetery, also in Newark. The remains of Richard Jenkinson and four other individual

Woman on trial for grave robberies

NEWARK, N.J. – A 61-year-old woman accused of being a high priestess in the Palo Mayombe religious is charged with directing followers to steal human remains from Newark cemeteries for use in the sect‘s rituals. Miriam Mirabal’s trial began Wednesday in Superior Court in Newark. The Cuban immigrant is charged in a seven-count indictment with burglary, theft and conspiracy stemming from grave desecrations at the Mount Pleasant and Holy Sepulchre cemeteries. Dean Maglione, an assistant Essex County prosecutor, told the jury Mirabal’s followers stole the bodies of Richard Jenkinson and his wife, Emily, from Mount Pleasant Cemetery on Dec. 17,

Grave robbing trial begins in Newark

NEWARK – Prosecutors spent Thursday outlining their case against a Cuban man accused of trying to obtain dead body parts from two Newark cemeteries. Authorities say Oscar Cruz hired someone to steal remains from three graves at Mount Pleasant and Holy Secular cemeteries. Prosecutors say Cruz is the high priest of a religious cult called Palo Mayombe. They believe he planned to use the body parts in a ritual to pull down sprits and cast spells of misfortune on others. On Thursday, a cemetery groundskeeper and a relative whose father’s remains were desecrated took the stand. The groundskeeper confirmed the

Woman accused of heading cult, stealing bodies

AP, Mar. 5, 2003 NEWARK, N.J. — A woman was charged with leading a cult that stole bodies from city cemeteries and used them in religious ceremonies, police said. Miriam Mirabel, 60, of Irvington, was arrested Monday by Essex County authorities. Police had been looking for her since one of her followers was arrested in August after being found with skulls and other human remains. Authorities said Mirabel told her followers to steal two bodies from Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in 2001 and one body from Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in 2002. Some of the remains were taken to a religious