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Teen bashed for not attending church

Three leaders of a Korean church in Sydney have been jailed for bashing a young woman who failed to regularly attend services. Junior assistant pastor Chi Yeong Yun, 37, and Bible study teachers Tom Chae-Yong Lee, 22, and James Kang, 21, from the Open Door Presbyterian Church in Chatswood, northern Sydney, pleaded guilty to assaulting Angela Kim, 19, in July last year. In the New South Wales District Court today, Acting Judge Joe Gibson named Yun as the “architect of the plan” to punish Ms Kim for not regularly attending the church and disrespecting her elders. Yun was given a

Teenage girl attacked by church trio

A pastor and two bible studies teachers bashed a 19-year-old Korean girl because they thought she had been disrespectful to her parents and had stopped attending church.Chi Yeong Yun, a junior pastor at the Open Door Presbyterian Church in Chatswood, and bible study teachers James Kang and Tom Chae-Young Lee pleaded guilty yesterday to assaulting Angela Kim at a park at Sydney’s Bobbin Head in July last year. The NSW District Court heard the men believed the young woman had stopped going to church, had been disrespectful to her elders and had been spending too much time on her web

Victim of a Bible bashing

The brutal beating left her with deep purple bruises all over her body but a priest and two Bible studies teachers claim they were just trying to “help” the girl realise she should go to church. Chi Yeong Yun, 37, a priest at Chatswood’s Open Door Church, and Bible studies teachers James Kang, 21, and Tom Chae-Young Lee, 22, pleaded guilty in the NSW District Court yesterday to assaulting Angela Kim on July 8 last year. The court heard the three men beat Ms Kim, who was 19 at the time of the attack, for a “lengthy” period of time