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Thursday January 12, 2006
AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - The Netherlands launched a campaign on Thursday to fight forced prostitution by urging clients to alert police if they suspect women are being coerced into selling themselves.

Friday December 23, 2005
A majority in the Dutch parliament wants to prohibit wearing the burka in public. It remains to be seen, however, whether the traditional Islamic garment, that covers the entire body, will disappear from Dutch streets. Integration Minister Rita Verdonk thinks a total ban might contravene the constitution. She is looking into the matter and will present the conclusions of her inquiry in January.

Monday November 14, 2005
Thomas Cook, Britain's longest running tour operator, is launching family tours to see prostitutes touting for trade in Amsterdam' s red light district. The night-time excursions, which include a briefing about the 'system' from a former prostitute, are open to children of any age, and the company boasts 'under threes go free'.

Monday October 31, 2005
AMSTERDAM, Oct 31 (Reuters) - Deputy mayoress Fatima Elatik walks through the lively district she represents in eastern Amsterdam wearing a bright blue T-shirt with the slogan "Hello neighbour", greeting passers-by of all ages and ethnicities.

Thursday October 13, 2005
The Netherlands is likely to become the first country in Europe to ban the burka, under government proposals that would bring in some of the toughest curbs on Muslim clothing in the world.

Monday October 3, 2005
AMSTERDAM Time Magazine has named Amsterdam mayor Job Cohen as one of the European heroes of 2005.

Thursday September 22, 2005
AMSTERDAM, Netherlands --A field reporter for a new Dutch television talk show plans to use heroin and other illegal drugs on the air during the weekly program on issues that concern young people, producers said Wednesday.

Thursday August 25, 2005
A public library in Holland has been swamped with queries after unveiling plans to "lend out" living people, including homosexuals, drug addicts, asylum seekers, gipsies and the physically handicapped.

Thursday August 4, 2005
Four districts in the western part of Amsterdam are joining forces to create an Islamic cultural institute. If all goes according to plan, the first activities should take place towards the end of this year.

Friday July 29, 2005
AMSTERDAM : The Dutch government said today it planned to criminalise statements supporting terrorist activities to help curb support for Islamist militants in a country concerned about the threat of attacks.

Thursday July 28, 2005
Following the jailing of a radical Islamist for the murder of controversial film-maker Theo van Gogh, the Netherlands faces the question of how best to move forward.

Amsterdam - The Islamic extremist who murdered the controversial Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh was jailed for life without hope of parole yesterday.

Wednesday June 15, 2005
Vandals set fire to a mosque in the Dutch port city of Rotterdam Wednesday, heavily damaging the Muslim house of worship.

Monday May 23, 2005
Tourists hoping to buy a cannabis joint in Dutch coffee shops could be in for a rude awakening this year under a test plan to curb drug tourism.

Friday May 20, 2005
AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Europe's main democracy and rights watchdog expressed concern on Friday about increasing Dutch intolerance towards Muslims that was fanned by the murder last year of a filmmaker critical of Islam.

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