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Woman Gets Life in Prison for Son’s Death

OLATHE, Kan. (AP)–A woman was sentenced Wednesday to life in prison for killing her 9-year-old adopted son by wrapping him in duct tape as punishment for stealing cookies. The boy was left overnight with only his nose uncovered and suffocated on his own vomit at the family’s home in Overland Park, west of Kansas City. Christy Edgar, her husband, Neil, and six other people were charged with abusing the couple’s three adopted children and another boy who knew the family. Those involved included the couple’s baby sitter and members of God’s Creation Outreach Ministry, a storefront church in Kansas City

‘You must love discipline,’ Edgar children were taught

It was the kind of conclusion a child can make. The Bible says a thief should have his hand cut off, the 12-year-old boy was taught. Therefore, his parents were merciful because when he stole something ó a cookie, a piece of candy, water from the faucet ó they only tied him up. “Any kid would be proud to have my parents,” he said. See Also » Research resources on spiritual abuse / abusive churches The murder trial testimony about his parents, Neil and Christy Edgar, revealed how the Edgars’ four adopted children were taught to see the world. Their

Father, Sitter Guilty in Boy’s Murder

OLATHE, Kan. – The adoptive father and baby sitter of a 9-year-old boy who died after being wrapped from head-to-toe in duct tape were convicted Thursday of murder and child abuse. Prosecutors said the boy was being punished for stealing cookies Dec. 29 when he was wrapped in duct tape with only his nose uncovered. He was left overnight, and suffocated on his own vomit. Neil Edgar Sr., 48, and baby sitter Chasity Boyd, 20, were found guilty by a jury of first-degree murder and child abuse. Edgar’s wife, Christy, pleaded guilty last week to the same charges. All three

Father begins testimony in Edgar murder trial

Neil Edgar Sr. took the stand today as the defense began its case in the child-abuse murder trial of Edgar and family babysitter Chasity Boyd. His wife, Christy Edgar, pleaded guilty last week to charges of felony first-degree murder in the death of their son, 9-year-old Brian Edgar. He died Dec. 30, 2002, after being encased in duct tape “like a mummy” with only his nose uncovered. Neil Edgar, who was pastor of God’s Creation Outreach Ministry, told the Johnson County District Court jury that his wife ran their church and also was responsible for how the children were disciplined.

Testimony: Christy Edgar said God directed punishment of children

It was God who came to Christy Edgar and gave her a new way to discipline children, she told members of her Kansas City, Kan., church. She should tie them up. That was the testimony today of former church member Chauntel Williams, who also told Johnson County District Court jurors that she had seen three of Edgar’s children bound. Prosecutors allege that one of those children, 9-year-old Brian, died Dec. 30, 2002, after being encased in duct tape “like a mummy” with only his nose uncovered. His father, Neil Edgar Sr., and family babysitter Chasity Boyd are on trial. Christy

Victim’s siblings testify in Edgar trial

Brother saw boy bound with tape The bruises and tape residue on Brian Edgar’s body could tell only part of the story. The words of his brothers and sister filled in the blanks. In live and videotaped testimony Monday, a Johnson County District Court jury heard Brian’s three siblings describe how they and Brian were tied up as punishment for stealing food and water. On the night before Brian died, the 9-year-old was wrapped in duct tape ďlike a mummyĒ with only his nose uncovered, his 16-year-old brother testified. The boy’s father, Neil Edgar Sr., and family baby sitter, Chasity

Edgar children refused to implicate parents

Even after Neil Edgar Sr. told police that he had tied up and gagged his son Brian Edgar, three other children refused to implicate their parents in wrongdoing. Three surviving Edgar children were interviewed Dec. 30, several hours after Edgar took 9-year-old Brian to KU Med, where he was pronounced dead. On Friday, jurors in the murder trial of Edgar and the family baby sitter, Chasity Boyd, watched videotaped excerpts of interviews that child advocates conducted with two of the Edgar children. “I think he died a natural death,” Brian’s 12-year-old brother told the interviewer. “It was just his time

Father told police he tied, gagged son before child died

Neil Edgar Sr. told detectives that he alone was responsible for tying and gagging his son, Brian, the night before the boy died. Jurors in Edgar’s murder trial in Johnson County District Court today watched the videotaped statement Edgar gave to Kansas City, Kan., police on Dec. 30 after bringing his son to KU Med. Edgar and family babysitter Chasity Boyd are on trial in the death of 9-year-old Brian Edgar. Edgar’s wife, Christy Edgar, pleaded guilty Thursday to the same murder and child-abuse charges her husband and Boyd face. On the morning he talked to police, Neil Edgar said

Kansas woman pleads guilty in adopted son’s death

OLATHE, Kan. (AP) – A woman unexpectedly pleaded guilty to murder and child abuse Thursday just as her trial was beginning in the death of her adopted son, who suffocated after he was bound in duct tape. Christy Edgar‘s husband, Neil Edgar Sr., 47, and the family’s baby sitter, Chasity Boyd, 19, remain on trial on first-degree murder and child abuse charges. Attorney Bob Thomas told the judge that Christy Edgar was changing her plea against his advice. “This is not tactical. … It’s her decision,” he said. Attorneys for Neil Edgar and Boyd said they were not changing their

Christy Edgar pleads guilty to murder, child abuse

Judge, defense lawyers meet about trial of her husband, babysitter Moments before testimony was set to begin this morning, church evangelist Christy Edgar pleaded guilty to killing her son and abusing two other children. Attorneys had just completed opening statements to the jury in the trial of Edgar; her husband, Neil Edgar Sr.; and family babysitter Chasity Boyd when Christy Edgar’s lawyer Bob Thomas told the judge that she wished to change her pleas and plead guilty to first-degree murder and two counts of child abuse. Thomas told the judge that he had strongly advised her not to change her