Festival gets closer to God, further from your pants

God doesn’t mind if you go naked on the beach — because you’re showing off His handiwork, not simply displaying your shortcomings, according to a Christian naturist.

For blind author, Nudity & Christianity marries two passions

After 20 years preaching the gospel of nudity, the author of skinny-dipping guidebooks, coloring books and take-it-all-off “naturist” magazines is using an old ally in his bid to spread the naked truth — the Bible.

Christians strip to build a new Eden

In the beginning was the word of God and God never said anything about brassieres or boxer shorts. Thus was born Natura, America’s first Christian nudist camp. After two years of biblical debate over Adam and Eve and their fig leaves and whether or not nudity is sinful, a 67-year-old Quaker grandfather is preparing to […]

Man envisions Christian nudist colony for families

HUDSON — The spot Bill Martin selected for his modern-day Garden of Eden looks nothing like paradise, at least not yet. The lakes are dirty, the trash piles massive, the former owner’s land deeds are loaded with racist dogma. And then there’s the pedophile problem, one of the many things standing between Martin and his […]
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