Tel Aviv to try Scientology founder’s drug rehab program

The Tel Aviv municipality will soon be running a drug rehabilitation program developed by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. Drug addicts enrolled in the program, called Narconon, spend extended periods in a sauna and receive food supplements and vitamins to increase their perspiration rate and speed up the detoxification of their bodies. The program is […]

Planners OK Scientology rehab center

Doors to a Scientology-based drug rehabilitation center are expected to open near Leona Valley after county planners gave conditional approval Wednesday for the facility in rustic Bouquet Canyon. But first Narconon Southern California has to do more community outreach to the small community in the Leona Valley area about 10 miles from the proposed adult […]

Proposed drug rehab facility causes stir

Drug rehab center meets resistance SAUGUS – A Scientology-based treatment facility hopes to soon open shop on Bouquet Canyon Road to treat adults with drug and alcohol addictions. Representatives from Narconon Southern California are scheduled to appear today before the county’s Regional Planning Commission for a permit to develop the facility on the 30.4-acre site, […]

Alarm in prisons at Scientology drug cures aimed at inmates

• Officials unable to stop advice sent to inmates • Experts criticise sauna and vitamin therapies The Prison Service has warned that activists linked to the Church of Scientology are targeting offenders in British jails with unauthorised anti-drug and education programmes. Narconon, the drug detox and rehab programme developed by Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard, […]

Scientology front group sponsors school event

LOS ANGELES (AP) – City school officials were surprised to learn that the Church of Scientology was involved in a planned school event, a potential violation of the separation of church and state. On Monday, teenagers from about 25 countries are to meet with students at Jordan High School in Watts for a human rights […]

Scientology lessons in Australian schools

A drug program run by Scientologists and labelled dangerous by medical authorities is being given free rein at dozens of Melbourne schools. The controversial Narconon group gave a speech at Melbourne High on Sunday and has made classroom presentations at Melbourne schools including MacRobertson Girls High. The group — which does not disclose its Scientology […]

Scientologists Reach Behind Bars

Eschewing psychiatry and antipsychotic drugs, secular arm of church offers rehab. Some corrections officials have promoted its use. SACRAMENTO � Hundreds of inmates at one of California’s highest-security prisons, where a fourth are mentally ill and most are serving time for violent crimes, have participated in a rehabilitation program affiliated with the Church of Scientology, […]

Doctors back schools dropping flawed antidrug program

The California Medical Association has declared unanimous support for school districts that have dropped Narconon and other “factually inaccurate approaches” to antidrug instruction from their classrooms, and will urge the American Medical Association to do the same. “Inaccurate and Unscientific” “State Superintendent Jack O’Connell urged all California schools on Tuesday to drop the Narconon antidrug […]

Scientologists will ‘purify’ drug addicts – for £15,000

It boasts an 80 per cent success rate, the rock star Beck is a fan, and schools are inviting the Narconon centre into the classroom. So why are some people worried? Jamie Doward reports You have a crack cocaine habit that costs you £1,500 a day, forcing you into prostitution. Someone tells you about a […]

Schools urged to drop antidrug program

Scientology-linked teachings inaccurate, superintendent says State Superintendent Jack O’Connell urged all California schools on Tuesday to drop the Narconon antidrug education program after a new state evaluation concluded that its curriculum offers inaccurate and unscientific information. “We’ll get a letter out to every school district today, saying this program is filled with inaccuracies and does […]

Addiction specialists criticize detoxification program

Scientologists place a lot of stock in their church’s drug-treatment program. But three local addiction specialists said documentation presented to support the detoxification program created by church founder L. Ron Hubbard is full of unsubstantiated conclusions, faulty assumptions and poor methodology. “The research design is very weak. They don’t even follow basic scientific methodology,” said […]

Drug addicts sent to Scientologists

Norway’s government has spent large sums sending drug addicts to a controversial Danish treatment run and supported by Scientologists. What you should know about Narconon The Scientology organization is a commercial enterprise that masquerades as a religion, and that increasingly acts like a hate group. It preys on vulnerable people through a variety of front […]

Narconon banned from S.F. schools

Anti-drug teachings tied to Scientology called inaccurate An anti-drug program with ties to the Church of Scientology will be barred from San Francisco classrooms because of concerns about its scientific accuracy, city schools Superintendent Arlene Ackerman said Tuesday. Ackerman’s decision followed a review of the Narconon Drug Prevention & Education Program by school health officials, […]

Dugs rehabilitation centre opens in St Leonards

A drug rehabilitation centre opens its doors next week in one of St Leonards’ most notorious drug-dealing areas – to the astonishment of neighbouring residents. Up to 60 former addicts will be housed at Caple ne Ferne as part of a 16-to-22 week residential rehabilitation programme by Narconon Sussex, an organisation run on principles laid […]

Rape at drug-treatment center alleged

WATSONVILLE — A woman who says she was raped at a drug- treatment center has sued Narconon of Northern California and its parent company, Narconon International, alleging she was assaulted by a staff member while undergoing treatment in November 2003.The suit alleges that when notified of the assault, staff at the Watsonville treatment center failed […]

State launches probe into Narconon anti-drug program

COACHELLA VALLEY — State education officials are investigating the drug-prevention program Narconon, which is closely linked to the Church of Scientology and has made at least one fund-raising stop in the Coachella Valley. California Superintendent of Public Schools Jack O�Connell has ordered a probe to determine whether Narconon�s drug-prevention program may also be a vehicle […]

Schools Bar Anti-Drug Program

L.A. district warns against the use of presentations by a group linked to the Church of Scientology. The state plans an investigation. Los Angeles school officials are warning campuses not to use a drug prevention program linked to the Church of Scientology while California’s schools chief has ordered an investigation to determine whether the anti-drug […]

Common sense prevails

The consequences of illicit drugs are so dangerous and well- documented it’s unnecessary — perhaps even foolish — to embellish on the inevitable outcomes for those reckless enough to abuse them. Drugs can cause immense physical, mental and emotional damage for users, and immeasurable suffering for families and friends, too. Clearly, the best defense against […]

Antidrug program with Scientology links to be probed

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – California’s schools superintendent has ordered an investigation into a school antidrug program with ties to the Church of Scientology. The popular program, called Narconon Drug Prevention and Education, has been used by schools nationwide for the past two decades. Hollywood-based Narconon has provided instruction in at least 20 school districts in […]
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