Over 100 Mungiki sect members held for extortion

Kenyan police has detained 120 suspected members of a sect accused of extorting money from Nairobi’s minibus drivers. Kenyan media reports say authorities were ordered to crack down on members of the Mungiki and prevent demonstrations against the police.

The suspects belong to a sect called the Mungiki, that blends Christian doctrines and traditional African practices. It has been blamed for macabre killings, abductions, and extortion and also controls several Muntatu lines in Nairobi.

Mungiki sect leader is shot dead

It comes less than a fortnight after the wife of the sect’s jailed leader was found beheaded, sparking riots in Nairobi and surrounding areas.

Twelve die in Kenya violence after wife of gang boss is killed

Armed members of Kenya’s Mungiki gang, angry at the beheading of their political leader’s wife, fought paramilitary police on the streets of Nairobi yesterday. Up to 12 people were believed to have been killed.

200 sect members held in Kenya

Nairobi – Some 200 members of a banned sect linked to murders and beheadings, as well as killings during recent post-election violence, were arrested in the Kenyan capital over the past three days, police said on Thursday.

Kenya: infamous Mungiki sect gears up for reprisal killings

They gave warning to the unwelcome neighbors to leave. Then they came – dozens of young men with machetes – and hacked away at any members of the Luo tribe that they could find.

Kenya: Outlawed gangs re-emerge in city slums to offer protection

After the eruption of post-electoral violence, members of some communities have embraced the outlawed gangs to provide security in their territories.

Kenya government accused of using murderous sect

Head of the state-funded Kenya National Commission on Human Rights, Maina Kiai, said that members of the banned Mungiki, a shadowy gang mainly from President Mwai Kibaki’s Kikuyu tribe, were sought out for protection.

8,040 young Kenyans executed during police crackdown on outlawed sect: report

As many as 8,040 young Kenyans have been executed or tortured to death since 2002 during a five-year police crackdown on Mungiki, an outlawed sect.

Over 450 Kenyans died in execution-style killings in 5 months, says rights group

The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights linked the slayings to a war between police and Mungiki – a violent, quasi-political, street gang accused of a string of beheadings and fatal shootings earlier this year.

Mungiki sect members held for murders

Kenyan police arrested eight members of a banned sect, blamed for a string of murders and beheadings, while taking an illegal oath in the capital, said an official on Wednesday.

Kenya police deny sect killings

Kenyan police have denied carrying out extra-judicial killings of alleged members of the outlawed Mungiki sect.

Killings Linked to the War Against Mungiki Sect

Police hit squads engaged in a vicious war with the criminal Mungiki sect are in the spotlight following the killing of scores of people whose bodies have been dumped in the Ngong Forest area.

Mungiki sect members shot dead by Kenyan police

The Mungiki, a quasi-religious criminal gang, has terrorised parts of Nairobi and central Kenya in the past few months.

Arrest Reported in Kenya Mungiki Beheading Spree

Police arrested a suspected leader of an outlawed Kenyan group blamed for a string of beheadings and fatal shootings this year, the man’s family said Wednesday.

Mungiki Targets Pupils – Teachers

Many primary and secondary school students have joined the outlawed Mungiki sect, headteachers in Murang’a North and South districts said yesterday.

Dialogue with Mungiki sect ruled out

Human rights groups have been calling on the Government to negotiate with the sect members with a view of ending the extra-judicial killings.

Kenyan government admits wiping out Mungiki not easy

The government of Kenya has admitted that it was not easy to wipe out Mungiki-like gangs, and ruled out any negotiations with sect members.

Where are the bodies of slain sect members?

Last month, the police announced that they had killed 37 suspects during the crackdown on Mungiki in Mathare slums. The sect’s leaders placed the death toll at more than 100. But Mathare residents and human rights organisations can only account for 14 bodies.

Kenyans live in silent fear of Mungiki gang

Locked in a war with Kenya’s police, the Mungiki criminal gang has already spread enough fear and violence to have made its name the word that is not spoken aloud in Kenya’s fertile highlands.
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