Factions within religious group disagree over claim to $645,000 Hampton home

Moorish Science Temple of America The Moorish Science Temple of America has denounced a group bearing the same name that gained attention last week for announcing it was taking possession of a house being sold for $645,000 in Hampton.

The rival factions are disputing which group is the true representation of the temple established in the early 20th century as a sect of Islam that blends influences from other faiths. [Read more...]

Mother of malnourished baby denies sect-related negligence

Moorish Science Temple of America She says, contrary to media reports, she never refused medical attention and insists that belonging to an obscure Moorish-American religious sect that promotes a holistic lifestyle played no role in the events that culminated with her being charged.

“Why would I have taken my son to the hospital if I was against treatment? It doesn’t make sense,” the mother said. [Read more...]

Sect members arrested after hospital standoff over baby

Nation of Moorish Americans After the couple were arrested during their second run-in with hospital authorities, it emerged that both parents belong to a religious sect that doesn’t believe in institutionalized medicine and which claims that government agents have no authority over its members.

For decades, the U.S.-based Nation of Moorish-Americans has espoused that, thanks to a historic treaty, millions of black Americans are actually a divine and sovereign people, and also citizens of Morocco. [Read more...]